Move your body in space

According to the Taoist understanding of how the body works in conjunction with the mind and how you operate in and with the outside world, a dynamic they’ve been carefully observing for a few thousand years now, the energy of your liver, as well as controlling levels of toxins in the blood and the ability to see with your eyes (as well as to visualise internally), among other functions, also controls the elasticity of your tendons and ligaments and hence, to a large extent, your levels of flexibility and not just in respect of how freely you move your body in space but how freely you move your person through space and time. In other words, the levels of energy generated in and passing through and from your liver directly determine your levels of flexibility in respect of being able to manage change and not just the small coins but the often huge shifts of circumstance that inevitably occur from time to time as you wend your way along life’s Great Thoroughfare.

Hence if the notion of being flexible enough to withstand with aplomb even the curviest balls life has to throw you, along with all associated benefits, including becoming progressively more fearless, confident, successful and at peace, you might like to try the following efficacious technique to optimally stimulate your liver chi with a view to increasing flexibility levels within a few days if practiced daily and it goes like this:

Place your right palm lovingly and intelligently (not just like dead meat) on the right side of the upper abdomen just under the right hand ribs. Spend a moment doing nothing – relax your body, drop your shoulders, lengthen your spine, breathe slowly and wait.

Once you’ve settled into your skin, visualise an opening at the top of your right shoulder, leading into a fine tubular channel running through the core of your right arm down to your right palm.

As you inhale, imagine drawing a column of bright emerald-green and gold light from high above you in through the opening in your right shoulder.

As you exhale, imagine guiding the light down the channel in your arm and out through the centre of your palm into the region under your ribs.

As you exhale, softly make the sound, SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, simultaneously imagining the light (and sound) penetrating and spreading throughout your liver, causing it to expand (like a balloon filling with air, except it’s filling with light and sound) and imagine that this is soothing, calming and healing it.

Repeat nine rounds of breathing.

Then tell your liver you love it and thank it for all the incredibly hard work it’s done and will do to keep you alive, healthy and in the swim of things – say, ‘I love you – thankyou for all the hard work you’ve done and will do to keep me alive, healthy and in the swim of thing, dear liver,’ as your liver likes this – it makes it feel appreciated and we all work more efficiently and happily when we feel appreciated – drop your hand and gently, sensitively return to the everyday state, feeling refreshed, re-energised, reconnected with yourself and ready for whatever blessings life has in store for you.

May that serve you well by producing such flexibility in mind, body and spirit, you feel nothing could throw you off your stride.

Love, Doc

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