Monday Special: loving what is

When someone’s around you and they know you love them, they relax a lot more, tend to shine more, are more confident and hence more excellent. Imagine your world as a person, love your world like a person and immediately, your world will respond by relaxing, shining and being more excellent. This especially applies to those aspects of your world, presently hanging you up. Fighting or resisting those aspects merely makes them fight back harder. Loving them makes them relax and comply more with your wish for a happy life.

If you’ve forgotten how to love your world, simply look around you and every object your gaze lands on, mentally say, “I love you”. By and by, you’ll find yourself talking to the essence of whoever or whatever you seeing and that love you transmit will find resonance.

Once you’ve got your whole universe hopping with love the flow of miracles in your life will increase exponentially.

And all you have to do then is enjoy it.

See the Members’ Wisdom Drop to find out how:

I wish you a miraculous Monday.

Love, D

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