Monday Special – An inquiry into human nature 4 – dignity

Everyone wants it – everyone feels diminished without it – most seek it by amassing external triumphs and visible victory spoil but in fact a beggar can be imbued with more true dignity than a rich person. Dignity has nothing to do with external show or effects of any kind and exclusively to do with what the word actually means: rightness or more precisely, uprightness is achieved simply by aligning your spinal column correctly, so that each vertebra rests properly on the vertebra below it and so on and this is achieved by using your mind to lengthen your spine.

Imagine someone is lifting the crown of your head towards the ceiling by use of an invisible thread attached there and you’ll instantly feel your spine grow longer. And as soon as it does, you’ll feel a palpable sense of dignity inform you.

In the Members’ Wisdom Drop I tell you about an acupressure point, which when pressed correctly, releases and lengthens the spine and so imbues you with dignity no matter what your circumstances, as well as helping heal stiff neck and general rigidity of person.

I wish you merry Monday in which you feel like the sovereign of your realm.

Love, Doc


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