Monday Special: How To Get Everything Done Today As If By Magic

When you’ve got a lot to do, the tendency is to push and rush to complete it, but ask any seasoned runner and they’ll tell you never push and never rush, always flow instead.

Flowing means enjoying what you’re doing, if for no other reason than it’s what’s happening in your life right now and you love your life, seeing as it’s by far the most precious gift you’ll ever have, no matter how apparently painful at times.

Enjoying it, you get it done faster.

And as it’s Monday and you’re probably very, very busy, I’ll leave it there with a wish for you to enjoy today more than any day of your life so far and in that joy accomplish more than you ever thought possible by one singe human being.

I tell you the acupressure points for stimulating sensations of joy in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop – for which you’ll need to be or become a member, and it’s worth it.

Love, D


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