Monday edition: opening up to the fullness of life you’re entitled to procedure

Dealing with other people is as potentially painful and disappointing as it’s potentially joyous and uplifting. From the first time anyone ever let you down, you reacted to the pain of it by closing over the area of your body where you process the experiences: your heart. You unconsciously generate tension, hence hardening in the chest, thinking this will give you a protective buffer from potential pain in future. What this actually does is merely hold the pain you already have inside so it festers and poisons your mind from underneath and more importantly buffers you from the joy and elation of being alive.

Instead, focus on constantly relaxing and softening your chest and opening your heart in trust again. Doing this will bring many wonderful people and situations into your life, in spite of whatever pain comes along with that.

Everything operates according to the constant cycling between yin (pain, in this instance) and yang (joy). Whatever manifests in your life will carry both so there’s no advantage blocking the pain (which doesn’t work anyway) as you’ll only be blocking the joy.

Be brave, be vulnerable and live life fully, accommodating the pain and the joy with equal grace.

I wish you the fullness of life you’re entitled to today.

Love, D


2 Responses to “Monday edition: opening up to the fullness of life you’re entitled to procedure

    2 months ago

    Thank you. Wonderful advice. I will try this now. smiles, Lilian

  • Thanks Doc ! As always wise words.
    The dog picture was striking to me since I have been dealing with the vicious guard dogs of my neighbors. Truly scary creatures which should be protecting a junk yard instead of a home in a very nice neighborhood.
    The continuous barking and aggressive behavior has done a number on my heart. Will work on this situation.

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