The MMMMM Process
Make Marvellous Magic Manifesting Moves
mini training sequence


This is a reprise of a FREE mini-manifesting training – The MMMMM Process. It comprises a sequence of five videos to take you through a succinct and powerful process which will, if followed properly, grant you access to the state of MMMMM.

Read the introduction about MMMMM then watch each of the videos – one a day for the next five days. Leave comments and questions.


statue-of-taoist-masterA long time ago and far away – around 658BC in Hunan Province to be precise – The Duke of Wen went to see Lao Tsu, purported great grandaddy of the Taoist way, and said, “Lao, your reputation for supreme wisdom goes before you and I have traveled far to seek your advice. I have conquered much territory and have established peace in the lands I rule. But inner peace eludes me. I have meditated. I have done Tai Chi but still it eludes me. What is the secret?”

Lao Tsu seemed to be in contemplation, stroking his Tai Chi goatee. After what seemed like an interminable age, he looked Duke Wen in the eyes and said simply, “mmmmm”.

Wen waited for more but when more was evidently not forthcoming, he asked, “Lao, what must I do?”

Again the other pondered a while and said, “mmmmm”.

Duke Wen thought the old man must have lost his marbles and figuring the reputation was all emperor’s new clothes whistled for his horse and carriage and set off on the long trek home feeling perplexed.

A few weeks later having drunk four cups of strong oolong tea he saddled his horse and went for a gallop. Suddenly overcome by an almost violent urge to pee, he dismounted and as he relieved himself by a tree, found himself spontaneously saying, “mmmmm”.

All at once he understood what the old master had meant and had he a mobile phone to hand he’d have either texted or called at once to say thankyou in his excitement but he was about 2,600 years too early for that.

WuWeiHe realized it wasn’t just about the peeing either – all at once he had the most profound realization that at the core of his being, behind all the habitual noise of his thinking mind, there was an innate contentment, not associated with any external achievement, but simply for being alive, for having this gift of all gifts: existence. And that all he had to do was connect with it within, feel that sense of mmmmm, and not only would he instantly regain perspective but somehow magically the external world would instantly start yielding up its fruits without effort on his part.

And thus did Duke Wen discover the joy of ‘wei wu wei’, the time-honored Taoist method of what today we call manifesting.

Fortunately you don’t have to travel back in time or ride in a horse and carriage for hundreds of miles, or even pee against a tree to find the state of mmmmm. This mini-training – the mmmmm process – comprises a sequence of five videos, one a day for the next five days, to take you through a succinct and powerful process which will if followed properly grant you access to the state of mmmmm.

In fact the above story is complete fantasy – though of course by some quirk of fate it might have happened, though I doubt it. But the mini-training is real and the first video is here for you right now – see it here – leave comments or questions:


Day 1 – The State of MMMMM


Day 2 – Make Yourself Marvel

Day 3 – The MMMMM be with you

Day 4 – Growing within you

Day 5 – The Magic Be With You





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  • What is the time commitment over (or on each of) the 18 days?

    • Hi Ian – it’s Sue from the Crew here – Doc tries to keep the time commitment minimal, that said you will need to watch a short video or listen to an audio each day. The key thing is then to contemplate what he’s asked you to contemplate or incorporate an exercise /affirmation into your day. I would say it’s about half an hour a day maximum of listening/watching/reading, then as much time as you choose to practice what you have learned. Hope that’s helpful – please do ask if you have any more questions. Sue Okell on behalf of Doc

  • Thank you B.D. I have been out of the mainstream for a good while now – still growing! And this touched a lovely spot, because I had come to this
    conclusion, not so much about ‘manifesting’ as this eludes me in certain areas, while it others Life shows me that I have what I seek. This is a
    particular kind of synchronicity and bless your heart for it. Lovely to see you going so strong and so full of vitality. Sending hugs and love as always,
    Marie LMH

  • Smiling and feeling good is that easy ?? that`s something I learn here ! Thank you so much. 5 days practice and the benefit of being calmer is already showing. Nice, quick, efficient. Thanks !!

    6 months ago

    Smiling now, feeling Mmmmm …… all will be revealed through this challenging but exciting time. Thank you. Lilian x

  • Amer Saad
    6 months ago

    Hi Stephen, I just watched the four videos again. As expected the message went deeper and in a way became more practical as well. Sticking in a positive thought definitely helps in any period of negativity. But guess what the universe also wanted to tell me? It wanted to tell/remind me again that expecting good things to happen is really ok – doesn’t matter that I haven’t felt the ‘burn’ first, I am just as deserving! That message has been running through me at an intellectual level for years and years, kick started and reinforced by your various sound meditations and in different ways by other energy healers as well. But in the last 15 minutes that message has now gone up/down a noticeable step – it has shifted more from my intellect to my emotions.
    Good example the practicality of the message manifested just now – I suddenly got a cold last night, no real warning – dry to streaming within the hour! That made me well p….. off, so I naturally I became stroppy with my nearest and dearest (that’s one of the things we ‘nearest and dearest’s’ are there for ). So I’m scrolling quickly through the comments to get down to where I can make my comment, not really making any effort to read the comments as I scroll down, but and it stops at Elizabeth. The word ‘cold’ leaps out at me. She also had a streaming cold much worse than mine and she and her friend point out to me the emotional aspect to it! I had some Bach calming remedy knocking around from years and years ago so took that. Is it far too old to be effective? Who cares? I’m feeling the mmmmmm and smiling with my nearest and dearest. Love Amer xxx

  • Helen McConnell
    6 months ago

    Hi Stephen:
    You always offer great techniques, and MMMMM is no exception. So easy to do at any time. I particularly like video 4, seeing the obstruction to what I want, but not looking directly at it, rather, focusing on what I want and walking towards it. And there I am, in the middle of what I want, going “MMMMM”.
    Thanks for all you do!

    6 months ago

    Mmmmm ….. like a cat purring to enhance its life and perceived difficulties. We can overcome , as Joan Baez said ! Love the videos, they help to calm me and focus on the important things right now. These will manifest ! Thank you ! Lilian. x

  • MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! I can’ t stop smiling and feeling Good! THANK YOU!!! You are doing a MMMM job!

  • Patricia Costello
    6 months ago

    After just 1 day of mmmmm I was offered an opportunity to volunteer in Puerto Rico, helping restore electricity! MMMMMMM!!!! Thank you, Stephen. Thanks for the reminder that Life is the greatest gift of all!

    6 months ago

    Mmmmm, I am trying this now, every day, and I feel a difference in my life. Lovely, thank you !

  • William Imeson
    6 months ago

    It feels nice when you say hmmmmmm, I’ve used the sound when putting my son down for a nap and he settled down pretty quickly after. Yes definitely more mmmmmmmmmming from now on.

  • hey doc-your laugh is infectious-is your neck ok? x

  • Sieglinde Dewald
    3 years ago

    … and reading Nancy’s lovely words – take care (what I keep hearing again and again via Satsangs, trainings etc. is that it looks like you only sleep a fraction of the time humans usually do)

  • Sieglinde Dewald
    3 years ago

    Just signed up – I knew I want this before you told us, that you’ve lost (parts of) it … whaaa?!?…lost what? And many thanks for making all of your trainings nicely affordable one way or another – they are all magical 🙂

  • Nancy Kidd
    3 years ago

    Dear BD,
    Sue Keeping and I lit a candle for your health at St. Mary le Strand in London a few days ago. I hope your session in Spain went well.
    I am home in California and creating gorgeous ball gowns for the October masquerades all over town.
    I enjoyed the 5 mmmmm mini-trainings. I’ll bet on it working to manifest the belle of the ball.
    Best witches, Nancy

  • Irene Williams
    3 years ago

    As ever you are inspirational. Have followed you over the years and you make such a diffence to our well being. Mmmmmmmmm.

  • Elisabeth
    3 years ago

    Slightly or maybe stunningly – in the very best way – scary stuff.
    I take 2-4 days on each video, lagging behind at my own rhythm.
    In the last four days, I got a brutal cold, then the idea that this might just be a burn-off of old toxins, which gave me the inner means to use this horrible burning throat ache and stuffed splitting head as a reminder to thank my body and spoil it to encourage the action. Thus, some big stuff moves, inside me, and a new strength emerges, still blanketed by the horrible painful cold on top. Then, a day later, a friend with a pendulum tells me that I do not have a cold at all, this is all psychological and based on panic – as soon as she gave me some Bach flowers against panic, the cold abates, and the fundamental rearrangement of inner balances has happened.
    Malleable reality just switching at the drop of an idea… Strong physical symptoms known since childhood just moving based on the willingness to let them be malleable .
    Fantastic stuff!

  • truth and excellence!

  • Richard
    3 years ago

    Hi Doc,

    I slowly listened to each of he five vids and at first experienced a lightness of heart and deep centeredness through the first three steps. The fourth step was very empowering drawing in lots of energy. All the while feeling a great warmth in my chest around my heart with every mmmmm. The last step felt like I planted the seed as you intimated and know it is coming soon like just around the corner. Very powerful yet simple practice.


  • Frances
    3 years ago

    OH Doc – what can one say? …You so make me laugh …there is something so school boyish about this – an innocence that’s completely captivating! Breaking down profound teachings into Macdonald’s type ‘Happy meals’ seems to be your speciality – jeez I know that probably sounds awful – but I don’t mean it that way if it does – just you make it All sound so simple and doable – and ‘easy-peasy’ – this I like enormously! So shyly Open in your presentation – you touch my heart – for this I thank you. What really, Really sticks out for me is – falling back into the Vast Self and remembering… I am a supernatural being. I’m currently bobbing about the kitchen doing this! I actually really am! Wildly Awesome thing to do! Doc – you’re an Angel – don’t think I don’t know! Going to put all this into daily practice – very excited – will get back to you with results. Feel very lucky to have your presence in my life. I know I’ve written an essay instead of a comment but sometimes a soul just can’t contain itself… mmmmmmm – should have just written That really -says it All. In deep gratitude, Frances

  • It is such a help and thank you soooo much!

  • Sieglinde Dewald
    3 years ago

    I’m happy to get the full training, vielen Dank 🙂

  • Maxine Allinson
    3 years ago

    Supercool. I sometimes forget how awesome I actually am and though while always loving the everyday beauty and wonderfulness of existence, need a nudge now and then to remind me that these thoughts are just thoughts. I create what I need. You are awesome. Thankyou 🙂

  • Bernard
    3 years ago

    I really like this. It’s so obvious, yet I needed to be told. Surprised to feel lots of dross unblocked and I’ve been moving with clarity and energy, like I was 25 again (which was a long time ago)…making magical moves indeed…mmmmm

  • This really is such a lovely magical course. It has brought back the joi de vivre I have forgotten I had in me. I’m sending lots of love and good wishes your way, Stephen. Thank you again and bless you. 🙂

  • Sara Avelar
    3 years ago

    thank You Dr. for sharing your beautiful knowledge and the beautiful mmmmmm mini moments of remind us of the state of joy that is our birth right, thank you again many blessings your way. love from Houston, Texas

  • christine
    3 years ago

    mmmmm… thank you! I have done the exercises so far and found it enjoyable. I do love the magic of this 🙂

  • Penny MacNeil
    3 years ago

    These are so fun, and helpful. So are the other comments. Thank you. <3

  • Sandy Mauck
    3 years ago

    So cool as always. I’m reconnecting and reaffirming my appreciation for your work! Thanks.

    3 years ago

    I still have no sound other than the intro – either on here or u-tube. Hoping somehow we will find a solution – I would love to hear what you are saying on 2 and 3 – thank you Tao :o) xx

    • Hi Sally – it’s Sue on the Crew here…. Sorry to hear you’re having this problem but unfortunately it sounds like an issue at your end as no one else is experiencing difficulties – particularly if you can’t hear it through You Tube – as that is entirely independent from Doc’s site. I’d have a word with someone techy to see if they can find out what’s causing it. Best wishes, Sue

      • Hello Sally, In Youtube make sure that the sound is set to maximum. There is a slide next to the sound icon at the bottom left of the video, just move it to the extreme right. Hope this helps

          3 years ago

          Hi Sue and Linda – I’ve done that – the volume thingy – on both my pc and the software. Oddly day 1 I can hear but with my speakers turned up full – and they are very powerful. I hear the intro and then nothing else! It plays everything else on youtube with sound – the Tao must be telling me something……….. I have sound on everything – I’ve tried through firefox, google chrome….it’s the only thing with no sound :o( Perhaps Windows 10 doesn’t like spiritual stuff! Love Sally xx

          • Hi Sally – Sue again… I’ll have a word with Texas Tim our techy guy to see if he can suggest anything – we use You Tube because it optimises all videos so they play on 99.9% of device, operating system and browser combinations but if you’ve Windows 10 and a fairly modern machine you really shouldn’t be having any issues… all very odd! That’s technology for you… plus it’s Mercury in Retrograde…Will get back to you if our techy can suggest anything. Sue

            • It’s gone again – didn’t get a chance to hear it – the sound was coming in spasms this morning – I think I give up! I’ll try again in a few weeks perhaps xx

              • Hi Sally, if you’re on not great broadband, it could be the video buffering – in which case allow it to load by pressing pause and waiting a few mins, then watch when it’s loaded. Sorry to hear you’re having these issues. Sue, Barefoot Doctor Crew

  • Mmmmm, , great sensations and such wonderful assignments each day.
    i feel so much more detached from weirdnesses which I seem to attract. Thank you so much!
    You are truly a Mmmmm great teacher and friend!

  • Maureen
    3 years ago

    re: video 2… feel my ‘little self’ melt back into my ‘bigger self’ – it’s ease and freedom and expansion. nice place to be.;)

  • Dorcas Daley
    3 years ago

    Ahhhh! MmHmm.

    Once upon a day, maybe 4 years ago, my son and I were walking about 10 blocks to the mall.
    I was looking for crow feathers, along the way, and planning to end up at the Starbucks.
    As I arrived at the entrance, pulling open the door to the mall, I noticed in myself that I was
    already enjoying my caramel macchiatto, which was a sure thing, only moments away from being tasted.
    It was definitely an mmmmm moment. I felt it in my center.
    I began to use that memory of moment to remind myself to get the feeling of a thing in order to allow it into being.
    I call it “Macchiatto Manifesting”.

    Thank you for the reminder, and the new tools!
    Blessing be. Dorcas

  • There’s a strong science behind this one…as well as a feel good factor. Humming or such like sounds stimulates the vagus nerve that runs down the front of the body. A weak vagus nerve contributes to depression, anxiety, re-triggering trauma experiences and inflammatory illness. Its actually possible apparently to tone it, to improve mental and physical health, by doing practices just like this involving humming type sounds…be they hmmm…mmmm…or humming songs. Tons of recent research around about this lately. Thanks for the reminder hum and hmm and mmm more.

  • Elsa, writer, thinker, performer
    3 years ago

    Stephen, It’s always a pleasure listening to you. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • You are a beautiful & wise man Stephen, my mmmmm is overflowing & inner
    smile is glowing. Thankyou!!! Love you Linda

  • Malkitt
    3 years ago

    You said it all that needed to say in mmmmm. love malkitx

  • trippynotes
    3 years ago

    lovely. similar parts savvy and silly (oops, mild case of alliterationism?). mmmmm gives such a pleasing inner vibro-massage. impossible to stay in a funk while going mmmmmm. or watching you mmmmmm-ing. just what i needed…

  • Penny MacNeil
    3 years ago

    For the most part the Mmmmm is so enjoyable, but in that moment…dealing with someone that was being difficult, I took the Mmmmmm moment and it gave me just enough time to change the direction of my thoughts…and the outcome was, yes, Marvelous. <3

  • Still smiling Doc. Hahahaha mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Thank you

  • Soooo resonate with this,all my friend’s laugh at me as when someone is telling me a story,this is pretty much how I respond while listening.

  • Wonderful as always doc. How do you keep coming up with these gems love it thanks

  • Isabella
    3 years ago

    As always, Dearest Doc, you are Mmmmmarvellous………..

  • Annie Parry
    3 years ago

    Got the message in video one so viewed second one with the volume off ……….. Stephen……..It’s brilliant……give it a go ……. I’m sure you’re channelling Spike Milligan !!!!!!!!
    ; ) x

  • These are fun! Every time I say, “mmmmm”, I feel as if I should be wisely stroking an invisible beard, which makes it even more fun! The “mmmm” sound produces a nice vibration within the chest and Heart Chakra area, which helps bring me back in and to my body, so it’s a nice grounding technique. Also calming.

    So nice to see and hear you smiling and laughing in these teaching videos, and I love the music at the beginning and end–nice touch! Love, Dawn

  • Marvelling feels great, so much more space – I feel so light 😉 MMMMMMMMMM

  • Lita Doolan
    3 years ago

    Hmm Day 2 is a bold feeling.

  • Elisabeth
    3 years ago

    Oh I love the malleability of reality concept – best fun is looking at people I know and thinking ” the grumpy no- guy at the office” and then “this is just a description ” – I instantly imagine how he is this super positive person and it is just my angle on him that makes him seem grumpy …. I adore this game!

  • Lynn Stammers, UK, SEN Teacher, Consultant on behaviour in school and therapeutic practitioner
    3 years ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, you always help me get things in proportion Mmmmm

  • Mark McGowan
    3 years ago

    Docs laughter on the first video is contagious 🙂


  • sally singer
    3 years ago

    Mmmmm wonderful… smiling and content x

  • mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm

    3 years ago

    Hahahaha! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :o) xx

  • Maureen
    3 years ago

    Joy. Smiling. Buoyant. Like that laughter that bubbles up from deep down inside.:)

  • Thank you. I really needed this today. It lifted up my spirit and raised my energy mmmmm.

  • Liked the way you made yourself laugh with it. As with most things, it ‘aint complete without a dose of levity.[smiles benignly]

  • This made me feel happy and peaceful. Still smiling. Thanks Doc.

  • Mmmmm, gives a nice glow and I had a nice big burb so moved some blocked energy cheers doc love and hugs xxx

  • Mary Ellen
    3 years ago

    MMMMM MMMMM MMMMM I am alive!

  • Your little video has me smiling and mmmmm-ing – easy and fun as I remember – I am alive……….thank you

  • Video hits home with me. I’m always in search of those mmmmm moments, so looking forward to learning ways of being in the mmmmm mmmmmmoment mmmmmore often. 🙂

  • This is a gift. Thank you for clarity.

  • Pnina C Gagnon
    3 years ago

    on your shirt there is are letters arden printed. Yours meant Garden and New York, nearly all the letters of
    my wonderful son’s name whose birthday is today!

  • MMMMMM…this is fun, I’m still smiling 🙂 feeling ease and joy – my body is very happy. Thank you, I needed this right now 🙂 perfect timing – as always.

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