Mindful Muscle Management For Greater Success, Vitality And Happiness

Being industrious is not necessarily second nature to many people, in fact it’s probably true to say for most of us that if we were able to laze around all day yet have all our needs and wants fulfilled magically without doing anything about it we would. Who wouldn’t? However, as you no doubt noticed by now it doesn’t generally work out that way for most people and the rare ones it does work out for that way often tend to get bored shitless pretty swiftly.

So to overcome this laziness we tend to overcompensate by becoming workaholics or addicted to some other form of activity, simply because it’s hard to set the gauge optimally somewhere in the middle where you’re achieving more by doing less by making what you actually do more effective so you’ve more time simply to enjoy being you. This is achieved by a combination of focusing and relaxing in the midst of activity.

For the ancient Taoists, the ideal was sitting like an uncarved block serenely observing the ebb and flow of fortune, willing what you need into being without lifting a finger and finding the whole thing rather amusing whether in an up phase or a down. But acquiescence aside, they were no fools, those ancient sages and they knew they’d not last too long that way in the world of the world, no matter how ideal it might be, so instead they developed a style of living that enabled them to do what they had to do with the minimum wastage of energy, which would allow them to enjoy being them all the time, even as they conducted their daily business.

Observe a good dancer, martial artist or gymnast and you’ll spot how they manage to isolate just the muscle groups required to make the moves, while leaving all other muscle groups in the relaxed state. It’s exactly the same for you as you go about your daily rounds. When talking on the phone, for instance, you really only need to be using your hand, arm and shoulder to hold the phone and your jaw muscles to move your mouth. Tensing up anywhere else, albeit unwittingly, merely wastes energy. Learning to become mindful of what you’re doing on the physical level with your muscles in this way will conserve your vitality and afford you more energy with which to enjoy yourself.

Apply this today whenever you remember and you’ll be surprised at how it shifts your position in relation to the external world at a subtle but radical level and makes your interaction with it a dance rather than a struggle.

Obvious stuff maybe, but it’s the obvious wherein lie the subtle keys to enlightenment.

Meantime, I’ve gone into a technique for accelerating the effect of such mindful muscle management in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop.

May you experience a spontaneous rush of enlightenment today.

With love, Doc

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