Mindful Muscle Management For Greater Success, Vitality And Happiness – Part II

Yesterday’s Wisdom Drop was all about learning to scan your body for muscular tension and to release it because like a dancer, gymnast or martial artist you only need to use the muscles required for any particular task and using any other muscles than those simply wastes your precious vitality. Also by training yourself to just use the muscles required, you simultaneously cause your mind to only focus on the job that needs doing and as you know, by remaining focused on one thing at a time, you get everything done more easily and effectively than when your mind is scattered thinking about ten things at once. So this is all about streamlining the way you operate at a basic level to engender more refined results from day to day.

However it takes a few seconds to scan your whole body efficiently and when you’re busy and don’t have a few seconds to spare, it might behove you to do the following instead, which only takes half a second or so.

Concentrate on letting go of the tension around your eyes and forehead now.

Feel your forehead and ocular region soften completely. Allow this softness to stream downwards and backwards like a rich golden relaxing oil-like fluid bringing relaxation to all parts of you.

Return to this image frequently for half a second or so at a time throughout the day and night and you’ll notice you have more vitality, are able to concentrate better, are more effective at what you do, enjoy doing what you’re doing more and achieve better results.

In the Members’ Wisdom Drop I go into a technique to accelerate and intensify the effect of relaxing like this.

Meantime, I wish you a day of unprecedented achievement with the minimum of effort and fuss and the maximum joy possible in any single day (unlimited).

With love, Doc

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