Mechanics of manifesting

Whatever it is you want in the world, whatever it is you fancy manifesting for yourself by a combination of magic (visualisation) and varying degrees of hard work, you want it because of the feelings you imagine having it will afford you. At the root of all your wanting is a keen desire to feel fully at peace, at home, excited to be alive, safe, loved, loveable, nurtured and provided for in all respects. This applies to all areas of your life, so whether it’s more love, more money, more freedom, more possessions, more respect or simply more attention, the same holds true: you want it in the form you think you want it in because you want the inner state you imagine having it like that will bring you.

So far so good.

However according to the Taoist way of doing things from the inside out, rather than running hither and thither fighting windmills and chasing rainbows, if you were instead able to generate the desired state within, regardless of what was occurring or wasn’t occurring externally around you, you would instigate a profound shift in the vibratory rate of your energy field corresponding to the rate of vibration of all external conditions that would facilitate such a state from without and would therefore, if having managed to keep up with this rather convoluted sentence till now, automatically attract to your person those very conditions in real time and thus manifest an actual shift in external reality without much more than lifting a finger or two.

In other words, engender the desired feeling state within and you start automatically magnetising the appropriate external conditions.

So say you wanted a beautiful, fulfilling, exciting loving relationship with someone in particular. Rather than focusing on that person, who may or may not be part of your destiny – you can never tell till it happens, or doesn’t – focus on the feeling-state you imagine being with that person would bring you: say, beautiful, fulfilled and excited.

Then you visualise yourself a few moments into the future, looking beautiful, fulfilled and excited – you see your (immanent) body language and posture, the way you’re breathing, the way your body is relaxed and at peace with itself and the world, the way your heart is zinging with joy and expectation and the way your face is glowing with the beauteous light of heightened awareness. Then you visualise yourself entering the body of that immanent you and allow yourself to actually feel those sensations. Allow yourself to feel beautiful, fulfilled and excited in that specific way. (It’s only a choice you make, after all).

Then gently guide the future you with you inside, back into the present you so they become one and continue allowing yourself the feelings of beauty, fulfilment and excitement.

Then, if so disposed, addressing Big You, the Tao of You with total sincerity, say, ‘draw to me all those and all that to facilitate me feeling this way or even better now.’

Then say (and feel), ‘thank you, ‘ as if it’s already come to pass. Let it go and carry on as you were.

Within days, unexpected things will start happening and before you know it, you’ll find yourself with that person you were fixated on, someone even better, or in an entirely different set of circumstances altogether but one which facilitates the desired state to your full satisfaction all the same.

Meantime, may today, tonight and right through the weekend be filled with great magic for you, by which you are surprised and delighted at least three times with unexpected turns of event that radically transform your entire life for the better.

Love, D

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