Manifest your perfect life

There is no order of difficulty in manifesting what you need. Just because you’re manifesting something relatively big doesn’t make it more difficult. There is nothing you need that you can’t manifest with ease when you put your mind to it.

Obviously the more complex what you’re trying to manifest is, and the more people that will be involved, the longer it will probably take, so patience and faith will be required, sometimes for years or even decades, but to manifest something big is just as easy as manifesting something small.

So don’t be daunted by apparent difficulty. Let your imagination free to form a picture of what you need to manifest and have the faith in your own power to be able to make it come about simply by intending it and then following whatever action is required to activate it in real time.

See your perfect life spread out before you like a tableau now. Tell yourself, ‘This or something even better is already in the process of manifestation,’ and let go of it – let the image dissolve and return to the everyday state. Repeat this daily and before you know it, things will start transforming of themselves and you’ll be taking risks you’d not have imagined taking and through these will be swiftly delivered to your new good.

Plus it will make your Monday go with a bang.

See today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop for one of the most powerful Taoist manifesting techniques there is.

Meanwhile, may you have the merriest, most bang Monday of your life so far.

Love, D


3 Responses to “Manifest your perfect life

  • Sabine Konrath
    2 years ago

    Merry bang Monday to you, too :-))

  • Love this, you’ve just cemented what I was told yesterday, you know you are a love dearest Doc..and yes, I am smiling..:) Big love to you <3

  • Maz Gilmour
    2 years ago

    And you have a banging Monday too, dear Doc x

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