Manifest Great Wonders

Through faulty training in how to use the equipment as a child, you attempt to resolve the paradoxes of life by thinking them through, you attempt to get reality to settle into a desired shape this way but as you know it doesn’t work effectively and generally only serves to get your knickers in even more of a twist.

Along with this comes the tendency to feel obliged to keep yourself located in the prefrontal lobes, the forebrain, where you have a constant commentary going on, along with a debate on how well or badly you’re doing, calibrated against how well or badly others are doing – you feel obliged to stay focused on that commentary and debate as if your life depended on it, as if your whole world depended on it.

Well it doesn’t and you are under no obligation to remain focusing like that.

Instead you’re entirely free to drop the whole weight of that internal chatter, simply by exhaling and dropping the weight of it down your front and into your belly, simultaneously drawing the point from which you’re bearing witness, back into the centre of your brain, whence you’ll all at once gain a clear view of reality as it’s happening, rather than as you imagine it happening through the various filters in the forebrain. Help this along by breathing freely, slowly and deeply in your belly, keeping your chest soft and all your muscles and sinews relaxed.

With a clear view of what is, rather than what should be, you are free to imagine what could be, including the possibility of you living comfortably with paradox, living comfortably with yourself, living comfortably with others, living comfortably with the universe and thriving on doing so to the extent you’re living in abundance and joyfulness from moment to moment and thus fully successful at the game of life. And if so visioning with some clarity, this picture will be made manifest for you in the fullness of time.

May you manifest great wonders without even trying today and tonight.

Love, Doc

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