Manifest An Exponential Increase Of Personal Power

taoThere are two main aspects to you – the local and the universal.

The local is that aspect which is engrossed in the external world. It has your mind’s attention most of the time, concerning yourself with establishing and re-establishing a picture of the world, a story about what life is and your place and role in it. this has you always trying to gauge how well or badly you’re doing within the realm of that story, which you don’t see as a story, you see it as reality but in fact, it’s just your version of it. it’s totally subjective. In this story, you find yourself competing with others, measuring yourself against others, and so suffering from envy, pride, greed, doubt, anxiety, stress and so on as the wheel of fortune spins round and round.

Let’s give this way of being the title ‘your drama’.

The universal self is a totally different kettle of fish. For a start it’s universal rather than local, so exists without limits and isn’t bound by the usual laws of time and space. Your universal self exists on the quantum field level. Ultimately there is only one universal self throughout the universe. In the West we’ve traditionally called this self, God. The Chinese call it Tao. Of course you can call it whatever you like – names are just names and there are no words or names that can describe the ineffable in any case.

This Tao is the generator and protector of all life, love and consciousness.

Your own universal self is a nexus of this Tao.

It is life with your face on it.

By gradually training yourself to identify more and more with the universal self, you effect a personal transformation, which entails a gradual lessening of your fixation on the local level and a gradual increase of universal perspective and with that an exponential increase of personal power.

Continued in the Members’ Wisdom Drop.

May you feel the power of your inner presence radiating outwards from your core and illuminating the world for a thousand miles all around.

Love, D

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