Manifest An Exponential Increase Of Personal Power – Continued

But far from making you airy-fairy, this shift between the game-entranced self and the universal actually makes you more effective on the local plane.

Your universal self is privy to all the information in the universe and is constantly feeding you whatever you need to know to make the best choices from moment to moment. And if you let yourself become clear about your needs and requirements at the local level, if you clarify the outcomes you intend in any situation, this universal self, will produce those outcomes by guiding your choices step by step until you make it happen in real time.

The more this happens, the more you realise that the nub of your moment to moment experience really consists in this rapport with the universal self.

And the more you realise this, the more you also realise that chasing around in the external world, looking for lasting happiness by trying to resolve all the disparate bits is merely a game for fools – like a dog chasing a ball again and again. It’s pointless.

However the more you align yourself to your universal aspect, paradoxically, the more you manifest whatever you need without making an effort beyond formulating the intention to make it happen.

This enables you to enjoy being here more.

And that’s the whole point of life. That’s your purpose: to enjoy being here.

By enjoying the miracle of your own existence, you enable life, the Tao, the universal self, to enjoy being here through you – you are an expression of life, so whatever you feel, life feels with you. Feel joy, life feels joy with you.

And your mission here, your purpose taken into action, is spreading that joy wherever you go, in order to help others find their own joy and by and by, life is able to enjoy itself through more and more people. There can be no higher purpose and no more important mission than that.

May you channel more joy than you’ve ever experienced today.

Love, B

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