Manage The Adrenalin Addiction Sensibly

If the main theme of the internal dialogue in your forebrain concerns whether you’re winning or losing the game of everyday life, if you’re here to be questioning it, you’re winning, for the only rule of the game is to stay alive and playing. All the rest is just ongoing nonsense you feed yourself in order to stimulate adrenalin and why? Because you’re addicted to it.

And there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you manage the adrenalin addiction sensibly by attenuating the more pernicious effects of the consequent stress induced through actively, consciously guiding yourself into the relaxed mode frequently throughout the day (and night). But before you can even think about getting beyond the compulsive stage you have to activate the faculty of self-awareness, mindfulness or vigilance. You have to be present enough in your body to notice what you’re doing with your mind, rather than simply being caught up in it.

To be able to notice what you’re talking to yourself about in the forebrain, you have to pull the point from which you’re observing back into the central region of the brain.

If you find this hard to do, it’s because you’re too engrossed and enmeshed in the thoughts. The centre of your brain is just as easy to feel as the knuckle of the first finger on your right hand, provided you’re internally still and silent enough to notice.

Once having felt your way into the centre brain area, you are able to notice the tone of your thoughts. If it’s a fractious one, simply make a choice to be at peace. Drop the fractious thoughts momentarily and command yourself to enjoy being alive regardless of how well or otherwise you seem to be doing on the everyday level.

Then breathe slowly and check your body. Release any holding on of the muscles you’re doing progressively more on each exhalation for six to nine breath cycles and carry on as you were and all will be well – better than well, it’ll be splendid.

It is now, if you allow yourself to feel and know it.

It’s all about how you choose to focus.

May your focus be firmly on the blessings at each and every turn today and tonight and may they be infinite in number for you.

Love, Doc

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