Making decisions

If you’re finding yourself stressing about making decisions about which option to take, which direction to go in, to afford you optimal value from the adventure you’re on, take a moment out now to contemplate and evaluate the following piece of Taoist advice.

According to the ancient Taoist cosmological map of the life, the universe, everything and you, the ability to make clear decisions arises from the energy produced in your gall bladder. Each of the vital organs and bowels are linked to specific energy conduits in the body stretching variously from the core to the extremities and shifts in the balance of energy in any of the organs or bowels can be affected by stimulating certain points along these pathways, thus influencing both the physiological and psycho-emotional functions associated with whichever organ or bowel you’re attending to.

The energy conduit (commonly referred to as a meridian) associated with the gall bladder runs all the way from the ocular region on the front of the skull, down the rear of the neck, down the back, along the outer legs to the little toes.

The region just above the outer edges of the eyebrows has a direct effect on how clearly you’re seeing things, both literally and metaphorically. Place your fingers here (one hand at either side of the forehead) and rub lightly yet briskly to and fro just above each eyebrow for 20 seconds or so.

Now place your hands on the lateral (outside) edges of the upper shins, on the knob of bone that sticks out at the top of the fibula bone and rub briskly up and down with palms the muscle just below (distal to) that for 20 seconds on both legs simultaneously. This draws the previously stuck energy released from the ocular region down the conduit so it can be released through the toes.

Within 24 hours or so, depending on a variety of factors including how blocked the channel was, your ability to make a clear choice will have increased and you’ll find yourself knowing exactly what you have to do.

However there’s obviously more to it than this.

For instance, learning to think from your heart more than from your prefrontal lobes, something I’ve gone into in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop.

I’d also like to remind you, that while the daily Wisdom Drop opens a valuable window onto the Taoist way of living a healthy, successful, satisfying life in all respects, by becoming a member of the site, the training goes much deeper – it’s an ongoing online school of living Taoism back there, so perhaps give it a whirl for a while, if you’re not yet a member and find this stuff works for you.

Meanwhile, enjoy today and tonight, ease off from giving yourself a hard time about anything, breathe freely and deeply, relax your body and expect miracles.

May many come your way now.

Love, Doc

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