Loving your work

A lot of people complain to me that they don’t like their work that much, that it’s not their calling, that if they knew what their calling was they’d follow it, that if they could but afford to follow their calling they would and so on. They complain how it makes for a bit of a schizophrenic life, that division between work and leisure, or as it’s so clumsily put these days, the work-life balance.

Work comprises a lot of your life and is not separate from it. If you want to love your life, you have to be willing to love all aspects of it, even cleaning the toilet. Every act is a gesture of adoration for the divine presence, every achievement, no matter how small, is an expression of absolute love for the Great Way.

And the remarkable thing is, that the more you allow yourself to love every aspect of your life and specifically your work, however mundane, repetitive, soulless and so on, the faster this love causes a transformation of circumstances, leading more swiftly to you actually spending your time doing what you really, really love.

Everyone has a calling. Sometimes the bramble bushes between you and it are thick and need time to be trampled underfoot or cut down, in order to get started. Sometimes the bramble is so thick you can’t even see your calling to know what it is.

Either way, the path to liberation and fulfillment lies in loving what is, rather than diving into the brambles and scratching yourself with the thorns of self-pity.

Vow to love every action, every interaction and every aspect of absolutely everything that happens today. Let every stroke of the keyboard or phone-pad, be a caress of the Tao. Let every word spoken to another be a prayer to the Tao. Let every smile be a smile to the Tao and let every action be a step in the divine dance.

Like this the twinkle of miracle light will descend upon you and changes in your affairs will start happening by themselves. And if your intention is to discover and follow your calling, you’ll find yourself doing just that in no time at all.

I wish you a deeply merry Monday, in which your capacity to love absolutely everything (and everyone) grows exponentially from breath to breath.

Love, Doc

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