Love: Key to everything you want

Barefoot SatsangAs cliched, namby pamby or wishy washy, or yeah yeah yeah as it may seem at first glance, love arising from a centered state really is the juice that fuels all your dreams coming true.

In the next Barefoot Satsang series we’ll be focusing on ‘Love: Key to everything you want’ – how to elicit love from your center and how to direct it with optimal effect.  Join me do:

Sunday 1 July – Loving your mind

Sunday 8 July – Loving your body

Sunday 15 July – Loving your feelings

Sunday 22 July – Loving what’s occurring

Sunday 29 July – Loving others

Sunday 5 August – Loving your world

You can attend live and/or receive a single session recording for just $10, or purchase the full series of six for $50 at

What is a satsang?

Satsang is an ancient tradition of meditating together for succour and courage.  It’s a Sanskrit word meaning sitting together in truth.

The idea for an online satsang came to me a while ago, whence all the good ones hail – that mad muse, along with clear instruction to focus on bringing people together at this time, to sit together in truth, in authentic communion with each other and that ineffable presence informing us all – that it’s important for this time and phase in light of the unprecedented challenge we face in terms of our very survival on the planet.

Live & improvised

Barefoot Satsangs are usually held at 1700 UK time every Sunday so people in as many time zones as possible can join in and benefit. Each satsang lasts about an hour and is totally unique, live and interactive. I’ll be improvising according to the energy in the room – to keep it fresh and real every time, rather than formulaic and dull.

The more of us who participate, who sit together in truth meditating (the literal meaning of satsang), the more powerful the effect will be for everyone, not just the people there but everyone they know, everyone they know and so on, six times till the magic touches everyone on the planet.

For more information and to register and submit your questions, visit

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