L’Oreal said it first

I’m just sitting here with a friend of mine I’ve just been giving a bit of mentoring to about this brilliant brilliant business idea she has, something that could do wonders for society, helping her shape the proposition so she can go and talk about it confidently with potential backers. It was a fascinating discussion covering the complexities and principles involved and ended with the conclusion that beyond business plans, numbers that stack up, feasibility studies, overall plausibility, financial input and so on, the most important thing or resource, for her right now and subsequently is her confidence, both in the sense of trusting rather than fearing the path, and in the sense of trusting herself to fully convey the value of the scheme itself.

I’ve just finished a retreat in Italy in which 20 or so people all reached the next level of confidence in both senses. And it’s not that I”m riding high on the triumph of facilitating that – to the contrary I’m riding high, as well as broad and deep in a state of great humility and gratitude at being privileged to watch and be instrumental in such a fundamental way to the miracle of human dynamics rebalancing and resolving themselves – having VIP access to the Tao in motion within and amongst humanity.

As Stephen, I’m as much in the audience so to speak listening to Barefoot talking as anyone else. And as a member of his audience I can truly say I like that guy – he’s good at what he does and he’s sincere in helping all his brothers and sisters.

Though before I go full-on into multidimensional, multiple personality games here, we’re, or rather I’m rather excited about continuing that mission at the start of the new satsang series this Sunday – CONFIDENT COMMUNICATION SATSANG SERIES, Sunday 14th June 18:00BST (time-zone converter) which with a big nod to all the above is themed fully on confidence – confidence in the path and confidence in yourself.

This first one focuses on replenishing the self-esteem, the sense of self-worth, and of self-entitlement to make full your contribution to humanity by communicating the full gift of yourself.

Satsang in sanskritIf you’ve not been before, satsang is Sanskrit for sitting together in truth. The online version has us congregating from every time-zone on Earth, via an audio-visual interface. I do a short discourse to set up the theme, then do a fully extemporized channeled guided meditation process always based on traditional Taoist meditation practice yet completely contemporary in reference and style. My own underlying thrust and intention during the meditation is to stream you brotherly love.

We then have a QnA session.

It’s powerful and beautiful way to come together as family and commune all the way round the world from where we each are, and I’d love you to come and experience it and be part of it.

Logistically speaking you have to register more than an hour before – sooner the better – to receive the access link in time – obviously if you can’t make it you’ll get the recording a few days later anyway so won’t have missed out on the love.

We keep the price nominal and you can buy one session at a time or buy the series of six for the price of five. But in honor of correlation you can actually get this series free as part of the GREAT PRESENCE online training, for confident communication, which I’m confident saying is exceptionally good.

Meanwhile I remain at your service and am holding the space of self-esteem for you – and you know why? Because you’re worth it – and I don’t care L’Oreal said it first.

Love, Barefoot

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