Long-Weekend Special: Without Limits

Though this a long-weekend special, what I’m about to say won’t take very long or even necessarily be that special. In fact it will hopefully be rather succinct and ordinary, going on the less-is-more, minimalism-is-optimisationism premise and is in fact a shout-out to ordinariness as a fundamental key to enlightenment. The quest for extraordinariness is a masked urge to escape death by elevating your person above the mundane rules that govern physical existence. By seeking the ordinary at every moment: feeling ordinary, being ordinary, you’re paradoxically able to instantaneously perceive the intrinsic extraordinariness of being alive. All at once the world that was hitherto humdrum to your senses becomes an arena of wonder, wonder you can never feel when absorbed in the bogus attempt to be extraordinary. For the Tao, the unseen generative force informing all of this, everything is perfectly in order throughout the universe. Everything is ordinary. Be like the Tao and you can’t really go wrong.

In ordinariness, whatever happens or doesn’t happen is ordinary and hence no longer cause for concern. Focus on your breathing. Make it soft, sweet, slow and low-down in your belly. Let it be central to your moment-by-moment experience and all the abundant blessings of the universe will be added in measures only limited by your own imagination.

A powerful method for attaining to the hallowed state of ordinariness is explained in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop, for accessing which you’ll need to be or become a member and it’s worth it.

Meanwhile, may you unravel the preceding passage with ease and enjoy a day, night and long weekend ahead all the way till Tuesday, without limits to your profound enjoyment of being you.

Love, Doc

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