Liking Being You

How are you liking being you?

Perhaps you’re rushing too much to notice. But if you just stop for a second here and ask yourself that, much magic could be done. ‘How am I liking being me this moment?’

Liking being you is another way of describing enlightened happiness. We’re not talking about being in denial of the shadow side here. And we’re not talking about glorifying the bright side either. We’re talking about that pure essence at your core: that aspect of you that’s been watching your life unfolding from the start, that silent witness who comes from goodness knows where, but whom we might plausibly call the Tao masquerading as you – your soul by any other name.

To find out and if necessary up the liking-being-you levels, simply take a deep breath, then sigh even more deeply and as you do, feel the back of your neck let go and then all the rest of you. Draw back into the centre of your brain, soften your heart and glimpse for one nanosecond the purity within behind both shadow and glare.

Just doing that, you’ll no doubt realise how wonderful you really are and that will cause you to like being you quite a bit more before you can say Barefoot is a brick.

May it be so and may the universe respond by liking you being you too and so shower you with a slew of unexpected gifts ere ye lay down your head on the pillow tonight.

Love, Doc

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