Light up the world

Light up the worldWhen your body’s relaxed, your breath’s flowing freely and your consciousness is fully filling your skin, you have running through you the same power that manifests and generates all the stars in the universe and are therefore capable of achieving all your goals appertaining to living a life you can enjoy from top to bottom. When your mind is focused instead on how you need to behave in order to win the approval or admiration of others, or to avoid their displeasure or opprobrium, in other words, when you’re immersed in the realm of vanity in the broader sense, concerned with what you imagine to be other peoples’ perception of you, you are inhabiting that realm and are not in your body, not filling your skin and, hence not available to channel and process the generative power wanting to come through you. Only with this power can you manifest and generate the appearance of reality you wish for, the one that will facilitate your perfect fulfilment on all fronts.

So while it’s always tempting to be drawn out of your centre and into the realms of what essentially boils down to neurosis (obsession with what others think, say and do, specifically in regards to you), simply because that’s the bogus way we’ve been wired to conduct our minds, if you want to manifest and generate a set-up that works for you on every level, desist from doing so as often as you catch yourself doing it by letting it all go on progressively more on each successive out-breath, for which you’ll need to be mindful and diligent and it’s well worth it.

Because as soon as you learn to maintain your consciousness within your skin, pretty much all of the time instead, not only are you happier and more empowered to manifest whatever you want more swiftly, easily, effortlessly, enjoyably and miraculously, you also paradoxically find others perceiving you in a more favourable light, simply because they’re instinctively resonating with the power of the universe running through you.

So it’s all down to relaxing into your skin by means of breathing mindfully and mentally telling all your muscles to relax, especially around your chest and face, while sinking your consciousness deep into the central region of your brain and gazing out from there as if your two eyeballs were mere portholes in the front of your skull, as well as by maintaining an intention to be in your skin in order to avail yourself of the universal power at all times.

May you be so empowered by this today, tonight and through the weekend, you light up the world for hundreds of miles all around.

Love, the D

4 Responses to “Light up the world

  • Jeannette Barr
    6 years ago

    Marvelous! Love Jx

  • Yes! I’m in loads of physical pain today! But I’m so bloomin’ HAPPEEEEEEEE! ! ! And breathing definitely does help so I would recommend it. I have not always done it enough until now, but I’m making up for it by breathing twice as fast from this point on and fitting in twice as many breaths! (…only joking ). Breathe love and acceptance into yourself and out into the world! Hooray! 🙂 Thank you, BFD , for lovely insightful clearly-expressed light and bubbly refreshing reminders of truth. Full-beam ahead! x

  • Is it the fear of not being accepted by others that causes us to filter our actions and behavior; thus not allowing our authentic self?

  • silverymoon
    6 years ago

    I’m doing it, I’m having a not so good day today, breathing and hoping.

    Bless us all.

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