Lift your spirits

What’s so special about a Tuesday, you may ask but when you consider the alternative, No-day, it makes you appreciate how miraculous it is having a day to enjoy yourself on the planet. What’s so enjoyable about being on the planet, you may well ask but when you consider not being on the planet it makes you appreciate how miraculous it is you found this spot to hang out in this vast and endless universe in the first place. You might have manifested yourself somewhere way over the other side of the cosmos and never have organised yourself a broadband connection.

So here you are and in spite of any misgivings you might be holding onto about life, it’s a beautiful thing. Being willing to drop pride and say thankyou even if you can’t prove there’s anyone there to hear you – thankyou for me being here – is one of the most failsafe ways to instantly lift your spirits. It puts you immediately into a state of grace, whence you are easily able to envisage any improvements you fancy making to your reality and then simply by seeing the picture clearly enough and holding onto it with gentle tenacity, find it manifesting before your very eyes without your so much as having to lift a finger or two.

I go into this in more depth in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop, to access which you’ll need to be or become a member and it’s worth it.

Meanwhile, have a top Tuesday and be bowled over by a run of serendipity that transforms you entire life for the better.

Love, Doc

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