Letting go and allowing the Tao to run the show, part 5 – weekend edition

In honor of the coming weekend, when at least in theory, all is allowed to drop so you can re-establish your divine connection with yourself and those you love, or would like to love, ideally in rest, play and celebration of some kind or other, our focus today, in terms of releasing various key areas of the body to release the flow of events in your life and hence, enjoy the most splendid passage of time, will be on your forearms.

Take a moment to examine your right forearm, rolling up your sleeve to afford you a full view. Examine the downy hair and the soft under-part and marvel at how this sector of your anatomy does the miraculous job of getting your hand to operate, not to mention providing a viable spot to hang your watch and bracelets on.

Then become aware of how much subtle tension you’re holding in the muscles and sinews, as if unconsciously gripping onto the sides because the ride’s too fast or scary. By releasing this tension, you automatically feel more let-go almost instantly and in this greater degree of let-go are more able to allow the Tao to surprise and delight you.

Examine your forearm again with the palm facing down so you can clearly see the mound formed where the muscle is thickest up near the end of the forearm towards the elbow joint. Use the first three fingers of the left hand to grasp the right forearm at this level and squeeze in at the summit of the mound, producing quite a strong yet pleasant ache along the entire forearm as the muscles and sinews let go of the contraction they were holding onto and so signal your subconscious that its OK to let go of the corresponding gripping you’d been applying to your life in general. Hold it till you can stands it no more and repeat on the other arm.

Remind yourself you’ve done this to elicit a greater degree of internal surrender to the Tao in order for the outcomes to resolve far more elegantly and magnificently than could be possibly engineered by contrivance, reaffirm your intention to manifest a state of peace and fulfillment in every respect and carry on as you were.

Results will start showing up almost immediately, in the form of beautiful surprises, right through the weekend, which is precisely my wish for you.

Love, D

Part six, the finale is in the Members’ Wisdom Drop



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  • I don’t discriminate on who gets loved by me….everyone does, because i dont think anyone is unlovable.

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