Learning To Behave

A lot of what we’re all doing as we wend our way through the world (the world of people) is, as philosopher, King P says, learning how to behave.

By behaving well, things work for us better – at least most of the time. And by behaving well, we set an example to others.

The Confucianist approach to behaviour was external – alter the way you do things and this would bring you peace of mind. The Taoist approach was the opposite: attain peace of mind and it alters the way you do things for the better.

More precisely, learn to access the pure you beneath all the dark and light and your behaviour will be radically altered without you having to think about it.

By being your true self, comfortable in your skin, relaxed, breathing, mind sitting at ease in the centre of your brain, your heart open to self and others, your love naturally flowing, you can’t help but respect the sanctity of other people and their energy fields – you can’t help but treat everyone with utmost respect and by and by, all your dealings will bear fruit as a result.

Being your true self depends on learning to meditate in one form or another.

Total Taoist Recalibration Meditation Training has simple instructions. And if you can’t be bothered to do that, simply focus on breathing slowly, deeply and smoothly for three long breaths, thinking about nothing else until you’re done. That’d be a good start.

Look at everyone around you today as if they’re a Buddha in disguise.

May your Monday be almost too magnificent to manage.

Love, D

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