Learn To Be Your Own Spiritual Leader

A few years back high up in the Himalayas, I was calling Victor, my dear, late dad one morning, catching him the night before in UK time, for one of our regular chats. I always called him regularly or vice versa to have a natter about the state of the world, the latest news, what was going

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2 Responses to “Learn To Be Your Own Spiritual Leader

  • Sieglinde Dewald
    3 years ago

    ((( πŸ™‚ )))

  • Penny MacNeil
    3 years ago

    Wow….just on the radio…Hey, hey ..Living like we’re Renegades. I just fell in love with your Big Daddy…..mine had the same attitude. πŸ˜› Keeps me fallen in love. Yeah…some of your stuff works. πŸ˜€

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