Learn To Let Go And Love It

There’s nothing you can change either externally or internally to prevent the swing of life. The swing is essential – it’s part of the intrinsic mechanism that makes the world turn.

Life gets easy. Life gets hard. Life gets easy again and so on, in infinite cycles within cycles within cycles in a never-ending dance.

Without it you’d merely grow bored and fall asleep on life, thus depriving you of the joy of the miracle of it all. The swing, this dance, and the way it makes you variously feel, is what keeps you awake, what keeps you appreciating it all.

So give thanks for the swing – love it. You can’t stop it anyway, so you might as well love it and dance.

May you dance as if Fred and Ginger are making love in the soles of your feet.

Love,  Doc

(Continued in the Members’ Wisdom Drop).


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