June Liberation

I’ve been in Ibiza working on The Big Om and decided it would be a perfect opportunity to make some new videos for you about School for Warriors. That, combined with very intermittent internet has kept me scarce, I know, for which your forbearance is greatly appreciated.

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7 Responses to “June Liberation

  • Ruth Matthew
    6 years ago

    Liberation From Self Pity PLEASE

  • David Warden
    6 years ago

    Two interesting topics. I seem to be having difficulties making decisions at work, always seeking concencus and worrying about the consequences of getting it wrong or not giving the answer that people want, so I will opt for the second choice please.
    Hope you are enjoying yourself back in Ibiza after your travels. Looking forward to taking part in the webinar before watching the 3 pussy cats come up against the Azuri.
    with love

  • Bec Cook-Hamilton
    6 years ago

    Hi Stephen,
    May I put in a request for a training session to help with liberation from not trusting your own decisions, please, as this lack of trust in my choices is something I was just voicing to my friend t’other day.
    With love and gratitude, Bec

  • Maureen Kelly
    6 years ago

    Liberation from not trusting your own decisions (thanks.) 😉

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    6 years ago

    hi Stephen
    Hope you are ok.I didn’t seem to have got an e-mail from you askingregarding the subject for June Liberation.
    Anyway, what I would like is “Liberation from not trusting your own decisions”.
    Looking forward to the webinar.

  • Linda Pentland
    6 years ago

    Voting for liberation from not trusting my own decisions definitely!


  • Ank Draijer
    6 years ago

    Dear Stephen , I would like to see covered “Liberation from not trusting your own decisions”. Looking forward to Sunday’s webinar.

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