Jewels Of Enlightenment –9 – Trust The Tao

This is part of a three week series going on now in both public and members’ Wisdom Drops (you’ll need to read both to get the full hit but even half a hit is way better than none), intended to provoke and stimulate radical self-repositioning in respect of everyday reality and accelerate your transformative process. You may or may not agree with any of it but that’s not the point. The intention is merely to provide triggers to cut through the everyday trance to the spiritual vision within you.

Because the Western spiritual model is based on the divine (personified by an ancient bearded person in the sky) being something separate, something (way) more than, it’s only natural for superstitious thinking to arise. When you separate yourself from the divine, it’s only natural you start doubting it, start thinking it’s going to play tricks on you, that you start thinking of it as a wily, capricious being who will flip you this way and that without a care, to whom to you must bow down reverentially to appease.

And as you know, this is clearly nonsense and doesn’t work because it’s not how it is. The Tao is everywhere within everyone and everything. The Tao is in you. The Tao is you. And you are the Tao (with your face on). The more you relax into knowing this, the more your trust for the Tao grows and the more your trust for the Tao grows, the more you learn you can indeed rely on the Tao to provide for all your needs. Not that you go lazy and stop working or contributing – to the contrary, the more you know yourself as Tao, the more you instinctively want to contribute.

The fact is, it’s got you this far and hasn’t let you down yet, so even in a purely logical sense you can fairly safely bet it’ll keep doing so. And the more you relax with that choice to trust it, the more spectacularly it will meet your needs – that’s the magical part, the quantum aspect.

Wish: you feel such trust in your Tao now, you feel that nothing can hold you back from making the biggest contribution possible and receiving all the blessings on offer.

Love, Doc

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