Jewels Of Enlightenment –7 – Connect With All

This is part of a three week series going on now in both public and members’ Wisdom Drops (you’ll need to read both to get the full hit but even half a hit is way better than none), intended to provoke and stimulate radical self-repositioning in respect of everyday reality and accelerate your transformative process. You may or may not agree with any of it but that’s not the point. The intention is merely to provide triggers to cut through the everyday trance to the spiritual vision within you.

The everyday state encourages egocentric thinking. Egocentric thinking – pushing for advantage at every turn regardless of the wellbeing of others, limits the flow of vitality available to you in any one moment. Human vitality derives from being connected to the continuum of life, in the same way a plant’s life force derives from the soil and sunlight. The plant gets everything it needs by being connected to nature (the continuum) and so do you. When your vitality is flowing internally, it also automatically brings you all the external material wherewithal you need to succeed in staying alive and in the adventure, including everything you need to support those depending on you. Actively connecting to the all-there-is, the Tao by relaxing your armour of egocentric thought and the muscular gripping that goes along with it, breathing deeply, use your mind to reach out energetically to the essence of all being (and beings). Let the reaching out with your mind, come from deep in your chest – reach out from your heart. Simultaneously make your heart available for others to reach out to. Spend a moment feeling the infinite profusion of energetic tendrils connecting you to all life, all consciousness and all love. Breathe and open yourself and the egocentric mindset dissolves of itself – and in its dissolution you, in all your divine glory, are reconstituted.

Reconstituted in universal love, everything you need to succeed is provided.

Wish: you find yourself reconstituted in universal love now and so receive a veritable slew of blessings and miracles.

Love, Doc

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