Jewels Of Enlightenment –23– Let Everything Be Ordinary

This is the penultimate part of a three week series in both public and members’ Wisdom Drops (you’ll need to read both to get the full hit but even half a hit is way better than none), intended to provoke and stimulate radical self-repositioning in respect of everyday reality and accelerate your transformative process. You may or may not agree with any of it but that’s not the point. The intention is merely to provide triggers to cut through the everyday trance to the spiritual vision within you.

There is a natural order implicit in the flow of events in your life and no matter how extreme things seem to go in one direction or the other, this movement is nonetheless still part of the natural order. Extremes balance themselves out – if it swings all the way one way, it swings all the way the other after and so on.

Everything is ordinary – all part of the natural order of events.

It is deluded to believe that ordinary only applies to those phases where everything seems neat, tidy, safe and sound – this propensity for insisting stability be the norm is unnatural and spoilt. Training yourself into knowing absolutely everything, no matter how apparently extreme is ordinary and you acquire the perspective of an enlightened sage, large enough in person to accommodate all the myriad manifestations of external reality without losing either equanimity or magnanimity.

And as such you are invincible and all-reaching – you are realized as the Tao.

Wish: may you realize yourself as the Tao now and as such let spring forth an unending stream of miracles in your life.

Love, Doc



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