Jewels Of Enlightenment –21– Remember Death Is Your Friend Not Your Enemy

This is part of a three week series going on now in both public and members’ Wisdom Drops (you’ll need to read both to get the full hit but even half a hit is way better than none), intended to provoke and stimulate radical self-repositioning in respect of everyday reality and accelerate your transformative process. You may or may not agree with any of it but that’s not the point. The intention is merely to provide triggers to cut through the everyday trance to the spiritual vision within you.

According to the ancients, after the fear of not making a living and the fear of feeling humiliated, the next most gripping fear, is the fear of dying.

Mistakenly, we believe that death is our greatest enemy. But the Taoists held great store in seeing death as your greatest friend. Death reminds you constantly that life is precious. Remembering life is precious, you stop wasting any of it feeling glum or sorry for yourself. Or, more precisely, you even let yourself feel joy in feeling glum or sorry for yourself if that’s what you’re feeling, because you know it’s not going to go on forever – you know life is the greatest gift. And death is your greatest friend, because it’s here to constantly remind you to enjoy being alive come what may.

Death is only another word for eternal life, the eternal life of the consciousness of the universe of which you, me and everyone else are temporal and temporary expressions.

When you die you are but that – you realise you always were that but just happened to have been too distracted by the dream of life on earth to notice at the time.

And though of course it’s scary because lost in the earth-plane dream we forget we are that, it’s nonetheless still the best friend you have, constantly reminding you, ‘enjoy it, enjoy it enjoy it’.

So thank death for being such a good friend now and let go into enjoying this moment with the fullness of yourself.

In your full enjoyment, everything you want comes to pass.

Wish: you experience full enjoyment today and everything you want comes to pass.

Love, Doc



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