Jewels Of Enlightenment –13– Open Yourself To Receive

This is part of a three week series going on now in both public and members’ Wisdom Drops (you’ll need to read both to get the full hit but even half a hit is way better than none), intended to provoke and stimulate radical self-repositioning in respect of everyday reality and accelerate your transformative process. You may or may not agree with any of it but that’s not the point. The intention is merely to provide triggers to cut through the everyday trance to the spiritual vision within you.

At your deepest level, you are not only connected to the source of all there is, you are one with that source. So when you ask, it is given, because you are actually asking yourself and providing you agree to comply with your own wishes, you will indeed get what you ask for. However, only if you then open yourself to receive it. because without you knowing, you shield yourself from life to avoid pain. You do this energetically and by subtly tensing up the soft tissue of your body over a long enough period to produce a sheath of protective armour. This armour is ineffective however because you can’t stop the pain of life even if you constrict the incoming flow and on the other hand, by constricting the flow, you’re also limiting the good that can come your way.

In any case it’s better to relax. Let the armour soften and relax, breathe freely, open your heart and you are able to receive.

Ask, know it is given and then relax and open yourself to receive it.

Wish: that as you do, you are all but bowled over by the rush of incoming good in your life.

Love, Doc

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