Introduction to the Psychology of Fear

Here’s introducing the Taoist approach to what I’m calling The Psychology of Being – in this case, the psychology of handling fear so you’re living as a warrior not a worrier. We made it on the fly on a breezy Ibiza day, so pardon the dratted but unavoidable wind noise in parts – pay attention instead to the exercise to use whenever fear strikes. Watch the video here and leave a comment. It’ll be good to know how you like the exercise.



PS Bless you (everyone) for all these comments and for interacting with this fear project – I’m contemplating all the points raised and shaping the training with these in mind even as we speak – stand by…


81 Responses to “Introduction to the Psychology of Fear

  • Corina Vanana Valcan
    4 years ago

    The Psychology of being is very good for me even if I have no fear and yesterday for example, when I was in Temeswar I found a nice festival – the “India Fest” of mantras for 5 hours but it is not every week so I have seen my meditations exposed outside and wanted to go there. But I also prefere to take my natural products for having no fear and in case I find some persons (like the children) who are too fearless, persons with disabilities I want to help them.

  • Wow! Great, great info from a wonderful healing channel! I sensed while listening to the interview on Big Life that the Barefoot Doctor/Barefoot Warrior (!) is gifted with a healing voice as well as a healing presence.

    As I listened and did the exercises, I realized that when the fear dials down, life feels suddenly overwhelming energetically. Does that mean that there is a fear of life and/or fear of living or being alive? This world is so BUSY, it is quite a contrast to the place of peace where we would normally reside in our natural spirit/energy form.

    Looking at it from this perspective gives me additional food for thought, and something more to work with in my healing endeavors.

    Many blessings, Barefoot Doctor – thank you so much! You are a precious gift to this world. Bows and hugs – Dawn

  • Thank you so much Stephen, the whole idea of dropping back into the back, may have just changed my life!!! xxxx

  • Wonderful to read how much it is/you are appreciated.
    Me too!
    Thank you dear brother.
    A warm embrace ♥

  • Twinney.
    4 years ago

    Hi Stephen..
    Just to say have just sat & listened as well as done a little of the exercises..the hands the most powerful & so simple yet don’t do it nearly enough..
    A lot of the fear issues you mention I can relate to..but can feel the love.of self & of life this was a good top up for me to know I’m in a really good place….I am aware of how easy it is to wobble but I know I can return to your guidance…that’s always inspiring .thankyou for this video…love& blessing

  • Thanks so much Steven, it Arrived exactly at the right time and i’m looking forward to Hearing more of this! X

  • Thanks doc for that. X

  • Hello

    great really and is it possible to get subtitles on the videos ? I’m a french speaking person and sometimes I miss some part of the video
    I’d like to subscribe it’s really great stuff

  • Thank You so much!)
    I have a real phobia – my boss:I have a new job, new boss, and he`s OK, but he scares my body to death. My mind is calm, but body drives crazy and I can`t control it, I can`t even breathe!))
    So I really hope to have a good conversation with my irrational fear via your training. Thank you)

  • Thank YOU BD. What a gorgeous way to spend my lunch break! I feel strong, succulent & sincerely grateful that you’ve shared this. Inspired to join you tomorrow. X

  • Andrew Westgate
    4 years ago

    Hi Barefoot. thank you for a further insight into this magic. It’s the practicality of the process that fascinates and the take you have on it cuts through the bullshit increasing understanding. Thanks.

  • Patricia Harman
    4 years ago

    Thank you BFD ~ Watching your video whilst ironing made me feel more at peace with the world and gave me much food for thought! I was surprised how the twirling of hands made me feel so much less tightly sprung ~ will try the retreating into my back as a form of meditation and then use it in times of stress/fear ~

  • I enjoyed the video but to be honest after about 8 minutes i got a bit bored and almost switched off.

  • David W
    4 years ago

    As always a pleasure to listen to you talk. Thanks for taking the time. It was an excellent reminder of the fab exercises you have already passed on but as usual I forget to do. Ah the joy of warming up the kidneys.
    With love

  • Pedro de Taos
    4 years ago

    Good to see your beautiful face Stephen, watch that sun on your face…wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I did, though now I have a warrior stance for that..thank you..many blessings from Taos – going to float down the Chama River in Kayaks today, past Ghost Ranch to Abiqiu(Georgia O’keefe Land).Private or Commercial,I feel people are really scared shitless just flying. Love,PZ

  • Ian L. Hananford
    4 years ago

    I love this Dr. Please put me down for Warrior training and I’ll be looking out for retreats on Ibiza next year when I’m back on my beloved Mallorca next door!

  • Thank you Dear “Doc” , you truly are the herald of Light in this time of great transition and awareness! I personally deeply appreciate this lesson in Being a true Warrior! I have finally made it “here” to Seoul, South Korea, and I’m watching your brilliant broadcast from 28 stories above the “ground” as I am honored to be abiding in a high rise in the midst of great Beauty in this playground of life. I honestly can’t give you enough gratitude for being the voice of Wisdom and Truth for one very bewildered and confused young person. But after listening , reading, and ultimately learning to live the Joyful Wisdom you express through your work here on Earth I’ve gained a much more spatially in-depth and rich manner of experiencing life. To all who seek Truth, please listen to this brave healer and wisdom bearer. Beyond “thank you” sir, you have resurrected a ancient knowledge humanity has too long been without, at least consciously for the most part…Love and Endless Gratitude for helping me embrace what makes life worth the living:)Blessed Be!

  • Shelley
    4 years ago

    Dear Doc,
    Thanks, you’re so chipper to listen to I feel better just by listening.
    A friendly “foiuuuuuuuu” back at you!

  • Lovely to hear your wise words over breakfast this morning Stephen – Realising that fear arises from biochemical processes in the body, often amplified from previous experiences, is the start of managing it; not by resistance but by the understanding that it’s ok, natural and inevitable. By registering that and then having the tools to work through it, gently, can then allow us to ride the ups and downs that is this amazing and unfathomable ride. Thankyou for sharing. xx

  • I sit in the hour of naught
    No longer asking what
    detached from the fraught
    (no sign of a yacht)
    images distracting
    adrenalin reacting
    such a clever Englishman
    I kid ya ney

  • my spirit always lifts when you share the wisdom you’ve acquired over the years. your generous heart shines through and ignites my own. Cheers to fear!

  • Magnificent! Thank you, BF Doctor! A few years ago, I had seen your videos for movements/sounds for each organ and found them to be very helpful indeed. This review of the kidneys and the techniques for assuaging fear were not only a great review, but gave us much additional material for all to use…

  • Fantastic stuff doc, thank you xxx

  • Very uplifting explanation. A strange thing occurred: when you asked to really acknowledge that we are in fact terrified by life, I really felt this in my body… Happily, the breathing exercise helped to subdue it. I’m also interested in, and feel attracted by the hand movements together with the visualisation of the kidneys expanding… I think it will work, though I’ll indeed have to exercise this. Thanks also for the nettle tea tip !! In general, I always love your teachings because they’re always so uplifting. They really make one feel better, so keep up the good work, Doc!

  • Great teaching. Doing exercise several times during the day and already start feeling a difference. Wonderful video. By the way, you look great and very healthy! Wishing you a smashing week.

  • Ann Duffy Greene
    4 years ago

    Thank you Stephen for this wonderful video
    I truly felt I was there with you

  • Natasha Argy
    4 years ago

    always amazing and fantastic to listen to and watch. i choose to be a warrior and hopefully that is what i have been striving to do since 2009 when i first came across you!! love always natasha

    4 years ago

    Hey Barefoot, you truly wonderful man!
    Thank you for taking the time to make this video – I found it invaluable.
    Great to see your (seriously tanned) face and hear your voice. As everyone has said – you
    are a wonderful teacher and a true friend. I am really interested in warrior school.
    Looking forward to Sunday!


  • Good stuff ! Thanks for the reminder to use the tonal sound to release the kidneys. Love all the beautiful info you provide in your vids.
    Warrior on, BD.

  • Irene. Williams
    4 years ago

    Really enjoyed the Video. But I find all your pieces you send are very inspirational .they give me a great feeling of well being and happiness.

  • That’s Blackbelt 7th dan Feckless Warrior, you potent cheeky monkey you.
    enjoyed the video, thankyou.

  • Thank you so much, really lovely and inspiring video with easy practical applications I will use. I’m a worrier, will use the advice. Loved your presentation, thanks once again x

  • marla A. heart
    4 years ago

    Oh my – that was absolutely spot on for me this a.m. I listened, used the sound and the massage, the pain I arose with immediately gone!!! I love the truth and absorb it like a sponge when I hear it. Thanks once again my dear, dear BD Steph

  • hi doc!you beautiful being!fantastic energy talk!Me and my wife we where feeling very depressed for wile and we decided to commit suicide the next day!but fanny enough once she killed herself i manage to lessen to your fab talk and suddenly i start to feel a lot better and i thought : fuck it i will soldier on!! was a joke!bless to everyone!!

  • Josephine
    4 years ago

    Thank you, I will try it though feel like I am beyond fear at the moment and that it’s really hard being here as a sensitive soul, let alone try and become warrior .. Not convinced it’s possible. Hasnt a warrior has just learned to taim aggression? That must sound so unsexy, sorry ..

  • Dear B.D. how very timely. Been feeling such tension in the kidneys for a month now, and so I gratefully remember to expand and nurture this area with my hands and my loving attention and intention. Always such a joy and blessing to receive your teachings. Thank you for this missive. With love as always, LMH.

  • Sweet! My nan always told me to keep my kidneys warm. Now I know why.

    Recently lost my aunt to cancer, which I found terrifying & brutal. The deep sadness of losing a very close loved one, the uncontrollable loss, the impending feeling of time ticking and losing all the people I love (including myself), not being able to slow it or stop it, fears of illness, pain, living, achieving, unfinished hopes and dreams. I find it all overwhelming. Life seems so temporary and fragile. Like you say, everything is in constant flow. It also feels like I want to savour every last little drop, every nanosecond. Fear of living fully pales with the thought of this earth journey coming to an end. On her return of cancer, my aunt just seemed to give up. It’s weirdly propelled me to eat healthier and stop thinking/dreaming about what I want from but just to go for it. Live it. However crappy my current circumstances or how big my fears are, I don’t want to give up. I kinda love it here, even with the crappy bits. I want in. Warrior, not worrier. Sounds like a great course. Great timing too, so I feel the Universe is providing what I need right now. Just got to flow with it. 🙂 Thanks Stephen! 😀

    p.s. on a technical note, you may want to get a wind sock for your mic, or use an external mic that has a sock on, or get a little clip on mic on your lapel. Also not sitting in such full sun, or using a reflector to help balance the light a bit. Soft light is more flattering, though you’re loveable regardless. 😉

  • Robert Hyrsky
    4 years ago

    Beautiful stuff Doc, thank you, love your energy !

  • anthony
    4 years ago

    thank you so much. your comments are at just the right time.i get very ungrounded and you have reminded me of the divine common sense of the dao………fear diminishes immediately.

  • Elisabeth
    4 years ago

    Yes, I know this stuff, because I am a long term student / reader / follower on the paths you create via books, video trainings, personal trainings, satsangs….

    And yet, repetition, slightly different angle, in this brief video, it is wonderful to be again sheltered, nurtured, the hurt of being around on this planet in this life acknowledged, the joy of being around on this planet in this life revived, and through a few simple exercises, I am put back I my own feet with some tools to go on strong and self empowered, and have fun at the deepest level, being alive to my adventure.


  • Your timing was perfect! And it’s not a coincidence that I had opened it today, after watching an act of violence and brutality.
    The exercise, I’ve practiced it before; made me regain my inner peace and control of emotions. (Fear, being one of them).
    What can I tell you that haven’t been said before…! You are amazing and never cease to disclose what is inside of me. You make me feel included into the Warriors tribe and forget about being a worrier! Life is a present and you have to enjoy whatever is enjoyable and be an observer, from the outside, of the times of drama. The incessant movement that comes with life either you ride it like a surfer or dance it like a tango.
    Thank you for being the “so special you” that I consider a part of me. And thank you for all the lessons on being alive at all times, no matter how! Love and Light to you and all the tribe!

  • Maureen
    4 years ago

    Fabulous. When we realize that EVERYONE is experiencing varying levels of fear, compassion flows so much easier from the heart… (And my kidneys are feeling very happy.)

  • Ah, yes! Thank you. I am glad you gave credit to the nebulous existential fear underneath it all. I feel so much less alone just listening. The practices are perfect. Thank you for keeping it simple, subtle and not so subtle, yet very powerful. And it’s all cradled by your sense of humor, love for your fellow humans and trust in the mystery of it all. Excited to hear more about your training!

  • Beth hiers
    4 years ago

    Brilliant! Thank you, much needed at this time in my life. Blessings to you.

  • Teresa-Iche
    4 years ago

    Thank you Stephen for this video. So much of what you shared here resonated with me. Doing a daily practice of S for W1 and Tai Chi, I too have found more of myself being revealed, thát which was covered over with fear/s for so many years. By this I mean I am more loving of myself and definitely find loving others a doddle 🙂 There are less stories being spun and I am more present with what is. I’m really looking forward to the next stage of training. Brilliant wiseTaoist x x x

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    4 years ago

    Dear Stephen

    Thankyou for the video and looking forward to the training as always. As always , you deliver with clarity and such love. Thank you wonderful man. xxx

  • Maybe I’m just being over anxious here but unless you live where well away from the roadside to avoid vehicle fumes, or are sure there is no chance of downwind pesticides, I’d recommend buying the Nettle Tea, rather than making yourself:) And it can be quite acidic and cause heartburn I’ve found. I prefer the exercises and sounds on their own. Really good concise explanation about fear, especially that we’re finding a peg to hang it on, when it’s not fear “of” anything spefic. That made me sit up. Thank you BD.

  • Hi

    I was enjoying the video which stopped at the point you were explaining the exercise for the kidneys. I realised this is the area where I am in pain which gave me an ‘aha’ moment. Thank you for keeping me in the loop!


  • Lovely. What a relaxing way to start my Saturday, knowing I can release the fears instead of compounding them. A good reminder. A beautiful presentation. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with the world, BD.

  • good to hear you foiuuuuuuuu again. here’s to fear :)thank you, love always

  • Thank you, perfect timing and wonderful..

  • Dorothy
    4 years ago

    Feee-oooom!!! Thank you, Stephen. A corker of a video. Love. It! Xx

  • Helen McConnell
    4 years ago

    Lovely, as always, Doc! I love the tonal exercise – I find that certain tones bring healing to different parts of my body. The pain that was in my back this morning (that arose from unreal fears in my head) is now gone. Thank you for that! I’m a warrior, and sometimes I inadvertently fall into worrying. I’m learning to “go into my back,” as you have taught me. It’s a peaceful and powerful place to be.
    You gave a very helpful reminder – that everyone is full of fear. I can go out into the world wholeheartedly and not give into that fear that is around me.
    Thank you for this private teaching in this beautiful place, and for all you do!

  • XOXO!

  • A video packed with lots of information and explanation as well as an exercise.
    I heard surrender to what is. Soften yourself and come from the heart.
    Love life and it will love you back.
    Lovely, thank you.

  • Dorcas Daley
    4 years ago

    You have given me practical techniques I can use right now, for
    much needed relief, as well as food for thought and a better understanding.
    Thank you, bless you. Looking forward to the course.

  • rose henn
    4 years ago

    My Dear Friend
    I so appreciate you sharing your wonderful knowledge.
    I will practice what you talk about on this video’
    God Bless You,,
    thank you so much.

  • Penny Ann
    4 years ago

    Amazing as usual! Fear makes you feel alive??? I must feed on my fears, I’ve suffered with kidney stones for many years…hereditary. I recently passed one on a vacay I took back home to see the family. I practice Qi Gong but didn’t realize until you said it that I can move the energy from organ to organ, I work with the chakras but this is more defined! What causes the kidneys to contract? Perhaps a learned behavior I’ve bought into as a child I suppose…looking forward to more trainings like this! Love you Doc! Thank you for your time! (psychospacial…is that really a word???) lol!

  • Thank-you sooooo much for this!!!
    I can listen to you all day!!!!
    You truly are a MASTER TEACHER!!!!
    And I now realize that I have been
    forgetting that most important piece about
    embracing the fear from the position of
    my back and just being ok with it
    instead of turning away from it and thus
    compounding it.
    I am excited to keep practising this
    embrace while chanting warmth to my
    Much love and gratitude
    Janet, Canada

  • Fantastic, I already meditate in the morning so I will incorporate the exercises.
    You have a wonderful delivery it was so easy to listen and learn.

  • Sharon Thorpe
    4 years ago

    Thank you for the video I enjoyed it very much and felt it on many levels, I was surprised that I actually felt the exercise you did with us for the kidneys. I am definitely a worrier but would absolutely like to be a warrior. Thank you again for taking the time to share this. 😀

    4 years ago

    To paraphrase…your essence IS the jewel 🙂 x

  • Love the idea of thinking life is amazing and that I’m enjoying it rather than being fearful and you taking the lid off the fact that whatever you have materially you still have insecurities and fear. It’s good to have something which helps to manage constant worry. Definitely prefer the idea of warrior over worrier so thank you for sharing in such a down to earth way these esoteric exercises and beliefs.

  • Paul Darbyshire
    4 years ago

    That was great .I particularly was interested in the expanding and contracting the kidneys trick.When you talk about dropping back and then do…it’s there to see,palpable ! ! An inspiration , thanks again ,love Paul.

  • Larissa
    4 years ago

    Makes a lot of sense. Thank you! 🙂 xxx

  • I love listening to you. This video came along at just the right time. My mind ran away to Fear Central this week and this has helped to pull me back from the crazy ride that isn’t real anyway! I was diagnosed with cancer (how did that happen?!) a few weeks ago and I’m looking forward to The Psychology of Being and transforming into a warrior.

    Many thanks and much love to you. x

  • Bless You Beautiful Barefoot. I’m feeling a whole lot stronger, clearer, more powerful and present than earlier and I’m so glad I tuned in xx

  • Raffaele Signoroni
    4 years ago

    Nice video ,one question why do you dye your hair?

  • Love this Taoist stuff

  • Thanks for this. I was just having “a moment” and feeling a bit of despair and checked my emails and found this video – perfect. Thank you Tao for sending us B.Doc xx

  • Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
    4 years ago

    Dear BD,
    Thank you for your loving gift and I concur with what you are teaching and appreciate the sharing of your authentic experiences and training which have deepened your gifts to us. My greatest challenge is to be my angelic self, live from sitting in the back and in the depth of my knowing place, and stop the fear that my message will be actually be received. I love you from this place of you seeing me and I recognize you, my dear human and Taoist master. In gratitude for your life being and soul being. Always — Jo Ann

  • Thank you so much for this wisdom. It’s always such a pleasure listening to you because you speak from your heart.
    Bless you thricefold 🙂 looking forward to the training you are preparing.

  • Instant gratification with the warming of the kidneys!
    Got a totally different ‘alivey’ energy feeling spreading from behind the waist upwards and outwards. S***hot BD!!!

  • Terri Castis
    4 years ago

    nothing has been more true for me than “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Your timing, or should I say our timing, the universe’s timing is impeccable!

  • Fab! Look forward to getting into it fully…… powerful and useful stuff:)

  • Wonderful, spot on, excellent etc ad infinitum. X

  • Chrissi
    4 years ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed that – Thank You. Chrissi x

  • sally singer
    4 years ago

    That was wonderful, thank you so much…. I have learned so much via you Doc…that was really beautiful….. Don’t know what else to say. As I said in the survey I have learned to embrace fear and it., if not dissolved is lessened and becomes manageable…I do the exercises learned in School for Warriors 1….I guess really that one of the most helpful things is that nothing is static…. no state is gonna stay forever… it all fluctuates.. that is one of the most important things I’ve learned through you. Blessings and love to you and yours Sally x

  • At the age of 59 I am probably more anxious now than ever before in my life; if this is going to be training as in school for warriors, then sign me up; let’s get it on.
    Meanwhile I’m off out to buy my nettle tea.
    Regards, Kevin.

  • Deepali
    4 years ago

    Dear Doc,

    An absolute pleasure. To begin with your voice has a resonance that touches my core each time I hear you. More profound each time. Love the depth in your explanation. Furthermore the exercises add the zing and instantaneous relief shedding a few layers and making way for lightness. I sense how in my fear I restrict the opening in my heart and hold on the the tightness to feel safe……who am I fooling 🙂

    For me this has come at the right time as they say ”when the student is ready the teacher appears” I am grappling with a few challenges and making connections which actually might not exists at all. One of which is awaiting confirmation regarding a job offer. I asked myself yesterday, what is this tension, tightness nervousness and anxiety that I feel. What do I need to connect to and how do I do it. The hand movements changed my energy, love the spiral movement. I do find resistance cropping up as i work on the kidneys. Though I am aware can’t make natural movements, nonetheless attempting the mechanical movement, which will eventually pave the way.

    Most importantly, Many many thanks for making available this invaluable video. Its immensely.

    With infinite love and gratitude,


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