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So was Jesus Christ the son of God? Only if we all are.

And is God another word for the Tao? Yes.

So are we all sons of the Tao? In as much as we use this primitive parent-child metaphor, we are all children of the Tao.

But as soon as we really get the message, we realise we actually are – at the deepest level of being – the Tao itself, both parent and child.

And is the Tao male in the same way God is depicted?

In as much as we use the primitive male-female metaphor, the Tao is female, as in the nurturing, life-giving presence.

And is God a problematic word on account of the negative associations with it due to countless wars, crimes against humanity, violence, cruelty, thievery, subversion and perversion enacted in its name? Yes.

So why mention it? Why not?

Have any wars or crimes against humanity ever been committed in the name of the Tao? No.

Is Taoism a religion?

No, it is merely a collection of simple psychophysical techniques you practice which increase your health and wellbeing and shift your perspective enough to afford you the divine as well as local view of things, all underpinned by a simple, yet unassailable philosophy based on the immutable universal law of yin and yang, the two complementary and opposing forces of decrease and increase, empty and full, dark and light, inherent in all phenomena and situations, which if practiced daily will, after only a short while, totally alter for the better in all respects your experience of being alive, including your capacity for getting along with others.

Does it rely on any dogma or acts of faith?

No, it merely relies on suspending judgement long enough to try the techniques and see how they work for you in terms of revealing incontrovertibly your own divine nature.

What’s Wayward Taoism? The Tao can be translated as the Great Way. Being a Wayward Taoist, a term I coined, implies letting go and following the Great Way, being bound to the Way, in other words. It also implies that at no time should you bother your head about dropping any of your more self-indulgent or self-destructive habits or in any way attempting to become saintly or even pure. Simply by carrying on as normal yet practicing the techniques, purity, virtue, rectitude and, to some extent, even saintliness, will follow of themselves.

Can anyone practice the techniques and subscribe to the philosophy of Taoism, even if they also follow a religion? Absolutely. These practices can only enhance and elucidate every aspect of your life, including religious practice.

Is it dangerous? No, it’s perfectly safe, however initially, as you adopt it as a paradigm, confusion and disorientation to some degree, will inevitably arise, as when adopting any new existential model.

Where do you begin?

By accepting full responsibility for your own reality – no more relying on an imaginary parent figure in the sky to take responsibility for you.

Start by shifting your focus from external to internal and slowing down your breathing. Let your belly swell on inhalation and flatten again to push the air out on exhalation.

Relax your body.
Lengthen your spine.
Broaden your shoulders and let them slump.
Slightly raise your breastbone yet totally soften all the muscles surrounding it.
Let your sit bones spread.
Sink your weight into the lower part of your body below your navel.
Draw your mind back out of your forebrain, where all the internal chatter and self-induced disturbance incessantly occurs, into the centre of your brain instead, so it sits steadily in unperturbed stillness throughout the day and night directly on top of your upper brainstem, at the base of the centre of your brain.

Maintain this state.

Accept that the outer reflects the inner and what you focus on grows.

Allow yourself to see the healthy, positive and life-affirming in everyone and everything and that aspect will grow in the world around you and in your experience of the world around you.

Allow your love to flow to everyone and everything in an unconditional, transpersonal, universal way and the world’s love will flow to you, which in turn will induce you to be even more loving, hence instigating a virtuous cycle.

Know that all your needs will always be provided for, according to the Taoist notion of wu wei, the path of effortlessly manifesting what you need.

And who am I to tell you all this?

Just someone.

Someone, who has practiced the ways of Taoism diligently and daily for over 45 years, while living fully and wholeheartedly in the world, hence knows what it’s like and who has devoted his time to teaching and purveying the Taoist way through every medium possible, including this one here, which is how we came to be discussing it in the first place.

And what to do with it? Just keep coming back. This site is an experiment in giving the Tao a space to unfold of itself for anyone who partakes. Inner Circle Membership gives you access to all the in depth trainings half price and a variety of mini trainings for free, plus free personal one-to-one five-email coaching/consultation with me. You also get to read my weekly column and IChing readings and other members’ only content – and if you go for the monthly membership option at 47 USD per month, it works out at around the cost of a take out each week, yet is actually far more nutritious.

Sometimes these shout-outs come over me as if from nowhere – there I was talking about whether we were children of the divine and here I am talking about the virtues of buying into my world: a perfect example of Wayward Taoism.

It’s been nice talking to you – I hope you enjoyed it too.  May your day and night be festooned with delightful surprises that thrill you to the quick and reinforce the sense that’s it really is alright being here.

With love, Doc

3 Responses to “Into my world

  • Thank you Dr. B, I’ve been a follower since the 90’s, you’ve always given me food for thought! massive love as always Mrs H.

  • I would like to 2nd David’s comment…
    ‘by accepting full responsibility for own reality’ and with this wisdom you cannot go wrong ❤️

    3 weeks ago

    Of all of the countless things you have written , all of which has either been good, great or life-changing, this may be at the top of this huge list. It was perfect! Literally perfect.

    Thank you Doc.

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