Inject Some Love

You’ll have witnessed a notable acceleration of consciousness over the recent years – more and more people waking up to a deeper level of reality within, increasing awareness of something more – the ineffable presence within and without. If so this would be on account of the ineffable presence, the Tao, call it what you will, wanting to know itself, wanting to experience itself in the greatest fullness possible, which it does by experiencing itself through each of its manifestations – you, me and all sentient beings. However it can only know itself through us when we are open to knowing it in ourselves, when we are sufficiently detached from the micro-dramas of our daily lives to allow space in our consciousness for it. The process starts by contemplating the ineffable presence within and around you. When you do so, the ineffable presence is simultaneously contemplating itself through you. That’s our ultimate purpose – to serve the ineffable presence in its bid to know itself through us. Once the Tao knows itself through you, your whole life transforms of itself and all the miracles you want to happen in your daily life will come about. And why? Because you now know yourself as an expression of the ineffable presence and the ineffable presence makes all things come about including the miracles you need.

Imagine multiplying the synergistic effects of this exponentially by the ever-increasing number of people attuning to the deeper level now and you get some idea of the magnitude of this sea-change in consciousness and the potential shifts of collective reality it can facilitate.

Tune into the collective consciousness now and from deep in your heart, inject some love into it. That will subtly yet definitely warm things for everyone including you and the effect will rebound beneficially on the doings of your day and night.

May the doings of your day and night bring you near-overwhelming joy.

Love, Doc

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  • Through tear filled eyes – thank you. Your expression through words of Tao are so very beautiful. There is no sweeter feeling and knowing than love in all it’s glory and being connected to our Beloved

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