Increasing Your Power To Visualize And Make Big Things Happen

Firstly there is no order of difficulty in manifesting various things – big things just take longer because they require more people to agree with them and people’s agreement takes time. So don’t be deterred by magnitude, when say visualising a new level of peace and plenty in the world, just be

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One Response to “Increasing Your Power To Visualize And Make Big Things Happen

    2 years ago

    PURE is not only Stephen’s best book (in my opinion), it is THE best book in the field of Taoism and personal growth. Each short chapter is a lesson in life creation. It is both inspiring and useful; that is, you feel great reading it AND you have a new tool at your disposal to create the life you want, the one you live in your dreams.

    It is a must for anyone who wants to live a life filled with passion, grace, abundance and happiness.

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