Increase your beauty

If you want to be more beautiful looking – and most people do, hence the vastness of the cosmetics and fashion industries (and the advertizing industry they fuel and support) – here’s a method the ancient Taoists used, not because they were vain but because they believed beauty was an intrinsic primordial quality of Tao and so it was the responsibility of each of us flowers in the Tao’s garden to contribute to the overall beauty of the garden for everyone’s sake.

Visualize that behind your face there’s another subtle, more internal version of your face, but the perfected one – with full symmetry of feature, glowing complexion, brightly radiant eyes and utter beauteousness, smiling out at the world through the pores of the skin and eyes of your outer face.

By and by, visualize the essence and quality of this inner face to gently burn through to the exterior, altering your actual face as it does, so that now it’s your outer face radiating beauty.

Within no more than 72 hours people will start asking you what you’ve been doing to look so good.

The obvious benefits of increased confidence and self-approval of doing this however, are eclipsed by the deeper benefit of developing beauteousness (the capacity to radiate the primordial essence of beauty), as this connects you with your divine self, whence connection springs grace – and when in a state of grace, miracles happen. It subtly raises your vibratory rate, which in turn lifts the energy throughout your body, thus also increasing your vitality levels,

Just in case you thought I might be encouraging superficiality and vanity.

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I wish the spirit of all that is beautiful to rush in like a tidal wave to fill you and your life today, meanwhile.

Love, D


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