In The Name Of Your Highest Good

When you really want something or someone and you start thinking having it or them is even more important than your relationship with the Tao, you’re lost and need to find your way back to the path without delay, as no thing and no one out there can act as the source of existence for you – no thing and no one out there can give you the success you want. The source of existence and vitality is within you and you alone, as far as you’re concerned. The success you want can only arise from within you.

This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to want things or people in your life. It’s healthy to want but for the sake of sanity and perspective, it must be balanced by a willingness to let go of what you think life should turn out like, what you think it should comprise and who should be peopling it with you.

Let the Tao do that in the name of your highest good.

So whatever or whoever it is you want, say, “If it’s for the highest good, let this happen. If not, let something even better happen next,” and it will be so.

The Tao will always produce your highest good and will do so far more pleasurably and less painfully if you keep surrendering your will to it. Let happen what’s for the highest good and you’ll never get the feeling you’re missing out on anything again.

Set your intention for the broad based outcome you’re after: peace, abundance, health, love and so on and allow the Tao to take care of the details now, then sit back and watch the miracles happen.

May your day be marvellous with miracles.

Love, Doc

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