In praise of the idiot savant

The knowing fool, the childlike, guileless innocent, who knows exactly what’s what, is totally tuned into what’s going on at all levels, both within and without, yet chooses to eschew persona agenda and be dedicated instead to spreading a congenial atmosphere all about: this is the Taoist ideal. They call it being like the un-carved block, dwelling in the undifferentiated absolute, transcendent of preferences, the natural person.

Bumbling along with grace, you let your intention be to serve the whole by spreading love wherever you go and for that to trigger endless miracles that make your own life better and better in all possible ways.

You don’t even define what these might be, you leave that to the Tao (the ubiquitous background presence or collective field of consciousness).

Then you let go and wander, following your fascination, allowing it to pull you towards this one or that, always focused on spreading the love before anything else, until you find yourself delivered safely and soundly to the next wonderful situation.

They liken it to flowing like water.

Water is the softest, most gentle of substances and is able to flow round or over obstacles without scratching itself and yet can mass itself into a tidal wave and become one of the most terrifyingly powerful forces on the planet.

Being the wise idiot doesn’t make you powerless, in other words, to the contrary.

Weekend wish, that this inspires you at the deepest level and you find yourself flowing like the sweetest, purest, most refreshing water in the world, from one wonder to the next, today, tonight and through the weekend.

Love, D

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