In honor of loving change

There was something in the air at the Mind Body Spirit festival, aside from the all but overwhelming olfactory distraction of frankincense and the gentle cacophony of gong baths and chanting, perhaps perceived purely subjectively and possibly spuriously on my part, though corroborated by the findings of others I spoke to – something in the air that hinted at an underlying confusion – not that is would be peculiar to the MBS festival – to the contrary, it’s just that at the festival you find a large gathering or people involved one way or another in the consciousness business, hence more prone to being sensitive to what’s going on, and I’m certain this underlying confusion is ubiquitous throughout global society at present.

For, just as the Hopis predicted in their prophesies thousand of years ago, at this time the very fabric of reality as we know it, or have constructed it, will be morphing beyond recognition and this will play out at every level of earth-plane existence: the tectonic, the environmental, the social, the political, the financial, all of it will be swimming around and hard to pin down to anything resembling constancy. Indeed the only constancy is unprecedented change and transformation.

To wit, in order to more comfortably accommodate the inevitable insecurity born confusion, rather than be in denial about it, and hence be able to operate with the fullness of self, rather than just bits of it, and move in a wholesome direction through the shifting sands, I suggest a simple time-trusted Barefoot affirmation: all change is good – good. Repeat this at least six times in a row at least three times a day, complete with the echo on good and, no matter whether you believe it’s true or not, as long as you keep saying it, and/or writing it down, within approximately three days, you’ll notice your levels of fearlessness and derring-do will have upped themselves dramatically and you’ll be firing on cylinders, sparkling for all the world (and you) to enjoy.

Sparkle with aplomb.

With love, BD

4 Responses to “In honor of loving change

  • raymondo
    6 years ago

    I think running away is running forward, provisio we dont stagnate in the away part. By running from the old order we run to the new .
    And Doc what a PHENOMINAL usher you are ..

  • I love seeing thru the looking glass, to the fun and adventure. Thank you.

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    6 years ago

    Dear Stephen
    It was a good workshop at The MBS. Really enjoyed it and was lovely meeting you.
    With love

  • I like what you have written. Run into life, rather than away.

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