Implausible monikers

Watching people at airports and elsewhere in crowds it seems clear that one first line of defense from having to directly engage at a soul level is to invest in status afforded them by whatever hierarchy is to hand. So say milling about waiting to do a bag drop in the non-business/first line, the envy of those moving straight to the desk in the business/first line is hard to disguise in their faces and the need to

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One Response to “Implausible monikers

  • Catherine DempseyWilliams
    1 year ago

    Dear BD thank you so much for your repetitive gratuiosity! Yes I’ve heard this advice from you before but man did I need the reminder this morning. Thank you! When dealing with narcissistic men and women! like I am right now these were just the words I needed to hear to free me up of the holds. Thanks again.
    By the Tzolkin it’s a blue planterary eagle day today ‘may the energy of the blue eagle help me to see the big picture and elevate myself to gain a higher vision. I am guided by the power of abundance’.

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