Why immune defense is crucial now


If you’re time or attention challenged here’s a brief summary of what follows so you’re not left bereft of the crucial data, dear reader.

1 – with the changing season, this newly mutated increased-strength respiratory virus doing the rounds, and the exponential ratcheting-up of world tensions causing fear, it’s imperative to keep your frequency high now if you want to continue making the most of things.

2 – the most important factor in high-frequency maintenance is strong immune defense.

3 – the most important element in strong immune defense is free-flowing, high-velocity life-force (chi) circulating throughout your body.

4 – the fastest, most reliable way to stir and transport chi throughout your body is self-massage.

5 – the most powerful, effective style of self-massage there is derives from the Taoist system.

6 – the Taoist system works top down – it addresses rebalancing your ‘higher’ self or ‘superconscious’ and that rebalances your everyday body, outlook and moods – that’s why it’s (now) called Taoist Superself-Massage.

7 – in addition to strengthening your immune defenses, it improves all vital functions, detoxifies your system, soothes away aches and pains and makes you feel and look younger.

8 – the seven minute reset you received last week was a taster of the Superself-Massage. Superself-Massage online training takes you much further and provides you the full system.

9- The Taoist Superself-Massage only takes minutes to do each day, more if you want to pamper yourself, and only takes a few minutes a day over three weeks to learn thoroughly enough to keep yourself in top form and help others with it too.

10 – the Taoist Superself-Massage is the perfect companion to Qigongo practice Tai Chi, Taoist meditation practice, VIP Acupressure practice, Superhealing practice, and any other system or discipline you practice, or works perfectly on its own.

11 – the Taoist Superself-Massage online training starts this Saturday 5th November and is only $97, and only-only $47 if you’re an Inner Circle member.

12 – the Taoist Superself-Massage leaves you feeling as if you’ve bathed the whole of your insides in the elixir of eternal youth and good looks and has you revitalized, rejuvenated, refreshed, reenergized, rebalanced, ready and raring to go.

13 – anyone who doesn’t do the Taoist Superself-Massage is a silly-billy.

14 – this is the link that buys you strong immune defense right now with the Taoist Superself-Massage online training

And now comes the actual body of this post.

But now I’ve said all that there isn’t that much else to add as it goes.

Though I would like to reiterate how important it is to keep your frequency high, while all about you the world is succumbing progressively more to this burgeoning low-frequency propagation wave of increasing lunacy you’re seeing but finding it hard to believe your own eyes so ridiculously implausible are its effects. Just thinking ‘I’m keeping my frequency high’ is enough to activate it. Then if you know these Superself moves too you’re able to ensure it remains high no matter the degree of low-frequency action going on around you. And of course it works exponentially better combined with the other practices but you don’t always have time or inclination for those unless you’re a total Taoism-addict like me, hence why the Superself-Massage is, “…simply so damn good to have in your kit-bag.” The Buddha of Supreme Discernment and he should know.

I could waffle on more about the supreme importance of good immune defense, and about you feeling as if you’ve bathed your entire system in the elixir of eternal youth by doing the Taoist Superself-Massage each and everyday and that way stay well ahead of the game, so you can make the very most of life no matter how nuts it gets, but I”ll leave it there for today.

Sincere thanks for reading, your energy and time are vital.

with love, Brother Barefoot in a mad, mad world.

Here’s the link to bag the Taoist Superself-Massage online training now – starts THIS SATURDAY 5th of NOVEMBER, remember.

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