I love this

Use any word repeatedly and it starts losing its significance. Try repeating gold over and over for instance. At first it conjures shiny images of gold glinting in the light, but after a few repetitions it becomes but a sound in the head, and after a few repetitions more, totally meaningless.

And it’s the same with phrases. All you need is love, is probably the most profound message ever conveyed to the world, hence perhaps why the Tao facilitated the Beatles singing it live on TV, being the first time any message reached billions around the world simultaneously.

But it needs unpacking rather than just taking on face value and bandying about willy nilly.

Because on the surface, it seems we don’t just need love – we need water, we need food, we need shelter, we need warmth, we need clothing, we need each other, we need safety – and we need money.

But when you look beneath that to the force informing all manifest reality, and if you’re willing to experiment with transforming manifest reality through intention, it becomes clear that love as the motivating power is the strongest of all, stronger than greed, stronger even than fear.

When you’re able to train yourself to love being alive, each and every moment, both the dark moments and the light, and when you’re able to love every sensation, both the painful and pleasurable, to love every detail, both the boring and fascinating, to love every activity, both the dull and the scintillating, to love everyone, both those you dislike and those you like, and to love the mysterious presence informing it and us all, and when, imbued with this love, you’re willing to inform each moment with an urge to serve the greater good, even when you haven’t a clue how, you find everything falls into place elegantly and perfectly, and all your essential requirements are met, with the minimum effort on your part.

And you make the world warmer and more beautiful for everyone else, which in turn makes it even more beautiful for you.

It’s relatively easy to talk about, and relatively easy to do. All that’s needed is some focus on a regular daily basis.

This new series of six online satsangs starting Sunday 1st is specifically to train the love-focus, if you fancy dabbling in this Taoist magic with me – www.barefootsatsang.com is the place to secure a place.

Meantime, simply repeat to yourself, ‘I love this’, at some point during each and every activity, and even if you weren’t loving it till then, you’ll be loving it subsequently as a result and the magic will begin.

I wish you the magic.

With love, BD

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  • I understand it as,

    Love life and life will love you back.

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