I love this in depth

So (assuming you’ve read the I love this free wisdom drop, dear Member) training yourself to love everything by repeatedly repeating I love this to yourself, no matter what you’re doing, is the key to making magic for yourself, while making the world more beautiful for everyone else too.

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3 Responses to “I love this in depth

    6 years ago

    and so love-ingly written, Steph. Thank you. Today I will learn to love the pain – in my left shoulder and arm.

  • Ank Draijer
    6 years ago

    Stephen, I tried it, to say to myself every time something comes up, positive or negative, but with the negative it’s still difficult to keep saying “I love this”. More when I have the feeling when somebody hurts me. I know it’s my feeling, but still. But I keep working on it. A big hug, Ank

    • Steph, BD
      6 years ago

      hi Ank, yes it takes a lot of practice to love even the shitty feelings but is much quicker for dealing with them than when we fight them, I’ve found. Love, Steph

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