Hub of the wheel of life

You perceive what’s going on within and around you via an ongoing internal dialogue you’re having with yourself about the way life is.

Relationships with others and the world at large are governed by this mechanism.

Most of your attention most of the time, is fixated on superficial dialogue: how your hair’s looking, who said what to whom, what you’re going to do or not do about this or that, what you should have done or not done about this or that, which shoes you should wear (or say in my case, not wear) for this or that occasion and all that sort of nonsense – the Hello Magazine of your inner landscape, comprising pages of self-deception and myth-making.

This causes your dialogue with others to reflect that by being generally superficial and deceptive.

By shifting the dialogue to a deeper level so it becomes about how you’re positioning yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and professionally, and hence how you’re standing in relation to the universe in which you dwell, you instantaneously transform your reality from inside out. The way you relate to the external world – other people in particular – deepens to allow you to be dealing with the nub or causative level of whatever’s happening, rather than the external effects, to be at the hub of the wheel of life as it spins, rather than being hurled around its dizzy-making circumference.

At the hub, you are still, at peace and afforded supreme clarity.

For the mechanism that enables you to effect this shift to a deeper level of dialogue with yourself, stay tuned for tomorrow’s DocBox.

May you have a day and night of totally unexpected supreme peace in the midst of the maelstrom.

Love, Steph the Doc

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