Hold the faith

For all of us the hardest thing is to transcend the victim mode and know it is us who is manifesting things as they are – it’s us who write our own life story – and once knowing that, rather than regret the past, visualise the reality we want now – it takes courage because we visualise it and at first nothing happens – and in that pause it gets scary and we want to do things to speed the process – but if we can wait and trust in that space, what we visualised comes to pass at exactly the right moment (in terms of the cosmic drama) – it’s the only way, yet we wobble compulsively between that and indulging the negativity – it’s a drug in itself – eventually it all comes down to being here in the moment, breathing.










Hold the faith.
Everything will come to pass in the best possible way for you and everyone involved now.

Divine love makes sure of it.

May you be surprised and delighted three times today.

With love, Doc

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