Hexagram 9 – Sweetness on the way

Hexagram 9You may have a view of difficult times and situations and be feeling the sourness of life at present but things are about to turn right around for you.

The image is of a big, dark storm front creeping in over the horizon, threatening to spoil your party but in fact, this front passes without even a drop of rain or gust of wind. It is merely a phantom storm. The sourness is merely phantom sourness.

In fact it’s merely a cloak for such sweetness coming you will be rather bowled over.

It merely dresses itself up as s storm to give more dramatic moment to its revealing itself as a run of unprecedented success in all your worthy endeavors.

So welcome the darkness you perceive, for beneath its cloak, is the pure unbridled joy of well-earned success.

So stop investing in disaster and instead focus on all the good you can contribute to your world, as this puts you in the flow of the Great Movement and once in that flow, which is all-powerful, nothing can stop you.

With love, Barefoot

2 Responses to “Hexagram 9 – Sweetness on the way

  • Having already given birth to an amazingly beautiful baby girl who my fiance’ and I decided to go against the whole of society it seems but that’s mob mentality…Paranoia strikes deep..into your life it will creep..starts when you are always afraid..step outta line The Man come and take you away….but the I-Ching you draw is so multidimensional thus means deeply to everyone, yet, that is the nature of an endless well of wisdom! May you life in unintersting times my friend….:)

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      i’d be inclined to go with the wish were it not apparent that the tide of interestingness shows no signs of doing anything other than intensify, and in any case confess I love the excitement of the storyline unfolding – best adventure-actuon movie in the universe – but yes dear Ross, the paranoia runs deep and is insidious hence why I do what I can my end to ease it off for people – it’s the best we can do – remind each other we are not this that feels paranoid – we are way bigger – then slowly the fear subsides – love

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