Hexagram 58 – Joyfullness

hexagram58Surrender to the innate joy of being alive. Do nothing to block it with the habitual killjoy thoughts of your rational mind. Override all the rational reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t be allowed to enjoy yourself now. Revert to your natural state – be yourself rather than who you vainly think you should be and you will spontaneously be in a state of joy. Joyful is the natural state.

In this state of enjoying whatever happens or doesn’t happen, of receiving all incoming information of every kind as merely an expression of the Tao’s absolute joy, persist in the projects you’ve been working on and you will experience many significant instances of success this week and beyond.

By setting to every task in this joyous manner, revelling in the miracle of being alive, thus no longer to succumbing to the trance of the humdrum, you will inspire those around you, thus increasing the potential for inbound opportunities, hence the promised success.

Being truly joyful and fully engaged in the task at hand, even the fear of death is overcome, how more so, your trivial concerns of the everyday state.

Spend time practicing such disciplines as tai chi, sacred dance, meditation and other connected activities in the company of loved ones, friends and colleagues to generate synergy required for success.

But above all remain joyful and the world will respond to your joy by showering you with success.

So be it.

With love, Barefoot

Sunday 27th April 2014

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  • Katie Green
    4 years ago

    Ah how lovely! Thank you Barefoot. Love n Peace, KT Xxxxx

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