Hexagram 57 – From The Core Outwards

I’ve been doing a lot of weirdly accurate divining the past few days, having been presented with many situations requiring deep insight and the apparent need to make relatively big decisions quickly – using a combination of a crystal pendulum, a deck of tarot cards and the I Ching – and my divining hand is in, so this one I’m about to do on behalf of you and everyone on the site should be pertinent.

I still my mind. I slow my breathing. I take the I Ching in my hands – wait there…I address the Tao, the universal dinner lady – I ask for wisdom for everyone here for the week – for a pointer in the right direction. I still my mind a bit more, then I flick the pages…until something stays them and the book falls open at Hexagram 57 – Gentle Penetration. And it goes like this.

There is a favourable wind at your back now. By being empty and submissive to the force of the Tao as it moves through the events in your life, you enable it to penetrate you gently from the core outwards to encompass all your affairs and bring success in whatever you apply your hand to. This is a week to set yourself a series of achievable goals and by conducting yourself as above, you will achieve them all easily, effortlessly, enjoyably and miraculously. It would be helpful to remind yourself about the inner space by visiting the site often during the week for sustenance and encouragement.

Love, Doc xx

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