Hexagram 5 – Considered Self-Retention

hexagram05The usual way to make progress is to do something to make things change to your will. This week a different strategy is called for. Rather than doing anything to push things along in relation to something you really, really want, make a firm stand to do nothing.

Simply wait.

Attend to all your tasks and obligations of course and do them as excellently as can be but do nothing to push the big picture.

This is the time to exhibit patience.

Exhibiting patience now will win you the respect of everyone you work and play with.

As a result of that will come brilliant levels of success and when the I Ching says brilliant, it means brighter than the midday sun shining at the heart of your affairs.

So be prepared. Do nothing to push the big picture this week and the big picture will unfold with unprecedented majesty.

This would be a good time to get your mind round the idea of making the big moves that will inevitably follow, once your ship comes in. prepare yourself for a major expansion of your sphere or activity and influence.

Meantime, let go, make, merry, have fun and celebrate your good fortune ahead of time as you might not have much time to do it afterwards, so busy might you be.

Like where you’re at now and you’re going to love where you’re going to be soon.

And talking of love…

Love, the B

Sunday 6th July 2014

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